Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mexican Birthday Party

Mexican Birthday Party

before the kids, families, hoochies, thugs, food, booze and cake arrived

On Saturday I went with the boyfriend and his family to the baptism and birthday party of a 1-year old boy. Pretty sure I was the only white person at these events -- everyone else was Mexican. I felt like I stuck out in a big, dorky white girl way amongst the others. Normally I prefer to blend into the background, so this was rather awkward to me, but whaddya gonna do.

The family went all out for this baptism and birthday party. Probably 75+ guests.  Homemade Mexican food, a clown, a bouncy, a deejay, Mexican dancers, party favors for all, and BOOZE galore.  All of this for a 1-year old boy. 

It was funny to see how people dressed for a baptism/kid birthday party. Many of the men were in suits with tattoos poking out. Many of the chicks dressed SUPER HOOCHIE -- skin tight club dresses, 5" heels, and tons o' makeup. One chick in particular had everyone's attention.  She was wearing a royal blue skin tight mini dress with VERY high matching shoes.  Something weird was going on with her butt. I kept trying to figure it out without staring too obviously.  I asked my boyfriend what the hell was going on at her back door, and he said it looked like she was wearing padded-butt underwear.  !!!!!!!!

My sister happened to be at another kid birthday party -- a White kid birthday party -- at the exact same time.  We were texting each other and comparing party notes.  Ariel the Mermaid was at the party my sister was attending, and it turns out this particular Ariel was my sister's co-worker. She sang and danced while wearing an awfully small skirt and a bikini top.  My niece Kira asked why Ariel's stomach wasn't fitting in her skirt. Awkward! Apparently inappropriate/too tight/too small attire can happen at any type of party.

At one point I was sitting next to one of my boyfriend's cousins -- a (Mexican) woman that asked me lots of questions. She seemed AGHAST that I was a 42-year old woman that had never been married, didn't have kids, lived alone, and lived far away from her parents. Apparently this is a white thing, and the exact opposite of the Mexican tradition. She kept shaking her head saying she could never live far away from her parents.  To each his/her own. 

She kept pushing the kid issue, asking me why I never had kids, and telling me that I still had time to do it. I told her kids weren't in the picture for me, and added that I was 42 and it was too late for that sort of thing. She mentioned she was 43 and she was hoping to have her third kid soon. Awkward!

She mentioned she had been married for fourteen years and that marriage was very, very difficult. She said this over and over again, and wished me and my boyfriend many years of happiness.  She elaborated and said that her husband was from Mexico City, and he really wanted to have a "traditional" Mexican wife.  She said they struggled with this role daily -- she being a working professional with many typically "American" values and ideals that did not always coincide with her husband's expectations.  She also mentioned she had a rebellious spirit, and that she wanted to get tattoos and a motorcycle soon.  Her husband told her she didn't have the nerve to do either of those things.  She said he would be seeing her tattoos and motorcycle soon enough. That made me laugh.  I am not sure if she was trying to warn me about things that I might face in my relationship with my boyfriend (her cousin), or if she was just being candid.  Or both.

There really isn't much of a point to this story. The kids had a blast jumping around in the bouncy for hours.  The birthday boy went to bed at 7pm, and then the music started thumping and the hard liquor started flowing, so the adults were happy. The party was fun. The people I spoke with were nice. The conversations were interesting. The people watching was outstanding. All in all it was quite a bit different than the parties my family has, but no matter.  It was good.  And this socially awkward misfit made it through the day/night without making too many mistakes (hopefully), and now I know what to expect at the next Mexican birthday party.  :)

Mexican Birthday Party 2


Aline said...

LOL this had me in stitches! I could have written it myself (being the only non-Mexican person at ALL of my boyfriend's family functions!!) I'm sure that they'd be worried about my womb too if they knew how old I was. His mom and dad know, but I think the rest of the family just assumes I'm in my early-mid 20s just because I look (act) a little younger!

Lorena said...

Well, watcha gonna do - i have to admit that it is like that for many Latin cultures. Personally I disagree with booze at kid related events, even more if these are religious.

Shelley said...

I know what that is all about. My sister-in-law is mexican, so all the bday parties are like that. I just sit with my husbands side of the family feeling like a bunch of white-ies.

The Savage said...

I get along with my brown skinned pacific island relatives on Guam better than I do my pasty white relatives of whom I live near in Missouri. I'd probably be more comfortable around your boyfriends family than my own.

Megan said...

I grew up in Phoenix and I miss being surrounded by the Mexican culture and authentic Mexican food. I love it and I also think that the people are always so hospitable and nice to talk with. :-)

This post resonated with me because I almost made it to 40 and childless and I was quite enjoying that status until I became pregnant unexpectedly last year. I just want to say that being older and pregnant was really tough on my body and it was a miserable 9 months. I do have a beautiful baby as a result for all of the hard work but now I have a husband who's threatening to keep impregnating me until menopause. Apparently, I am "nice" to him when I am pregnant and he likes my attitude better.

You made it to 42 as a childless woman but never say never. You might still get pregnant or you might be a step mom someday. If these things don't happen to you though, just enjoy all of the glorious freedom you have in life! Because that freedom is an amazing, wonderful gift.

Ginny said...

Wow, what a huge party! I'm always amazed at the questions people are willing to ask. I sometimes rally want to say "mind your own business." It sounds like you handled it well.

Stoic Tia said...

Too funny. Im always so uncomfortable around people like that, like where is your filter?? And I also find the booze at kids bday's an interesting conundrum. We have struggled with this one, since obvi we want people to have fun, and the majority of people invited are NOT children. But it's a CHILDS birthday party! I'm dangerously close to be an actual alcoholic, and even I can forgo the booze for a short while to hang with Mickey and the gang.

Kitty Stampede said...

AHHHHHH....I have missed you so much. So happy to come back and see one of your personal stories. You are the bestet of story tellers. It sounded like a movie..hahaha. It definitely is an insane sounding birthday party for a 1 year old...holy shite, talk about an excuse for a 'party'. LOL. as in the adult variety. :P

p.s.- I am so sorry for losing touch and and this is the first visit to your blog in forever. I have attempted a few times since having baby girl, but being one handed I wanted to wait til I had two hands to type. haha. It's been busy...a really good baby, but still insanely busy. in a good way. totally in love. and she is already hilarious. so laughs galore daily. I still think of you and this awesome place all the time. She is starting to be less needy so I will have more 'me' internet time soon enough. :P

Miss ya Big Time!! xoxoox

Claire Kiefer said...

Totally giggling at the caption to the picture. heeheehee. Did you take any more pictures at this party? If so, I wanna see!

Normally, I hate baby birthday parties. I've gone to plenty out of duty, but they generally SUCK. Tons of little kids and toys and toddler food--NO. Therefore, this party sounds much more my speed--any baby party that has booze is my kinda baby party. Because if a grown adult (especially one without kids) is expected to sit through a party with lots of little kids crying and running around, there at least better be some booze. ;)

Jen said...

Love me a Hispanic celebration! Love of love and authenticity. You'll find you end up liking these sware's better than boring white people parties. Trust me...

kathy @ vodka and soda said...

i hate that; when people are all up in your business asking why you haven't yet [insert traditional/conventional actions here]. it's like, shut up already; how do my actions affect you?!

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Adriana Lucia said...

Cute post!! Happy Wednesday!!


Alisa said...

My sister was a social worker in a predominately hispanic office. The women were perplexed by her, my sister being a 40+ year old white woman, unmarried, no children. They didn't know what to do with her.

Kathryn said...

It must be a cultural thing. I was given the same 3rd degree about not having any kids or ever been married when I dated a Hispanic guy when I was 23 and they had beer at kids parties too.

girlunwinding said...

isn't life grand?! I love that you and your sister were comparing notes, that is too funny!! I hope that the cousin DOES get a tattoo soon and maybe even that bike. You go Chica!
And who needs kids with big 'ol families like that--there is plenty to go around.

Maegan Tintari said...

omg. amazing. I couldn't help but read it with a Mexican accent in my head... especially the second to the last paragraph. lololol. so good.

Kristine said...

You are such a brave social misfit! Glad you ended up having a good time you courageous girl. I have to deal with the baby questions as well and being almost 44 and happily child free it amazes me that some people still think they need to convince me of the error of my ways or tell me I am going to change my mind. Since my face seems to be aging by the second and I am probably a mere month away from resembling a shrunken apple head doll, I suppose the questions will stop soon. Then I'll just get the sympathetic clucking instead. People can be so annoying....( and then the annoying people keep making new annoying people so that future generations will continue to be annoyed)