Friday, March 29, 2013

Scott Patt

Scott Patt rabbits with foot gumball-1

Scott Patt womp_bunnybomb_redorange Scott Patt womp_cowtank_blue

womp_battlefish_green Scott Patt womp_helipig_black

Scott Patt womp_bunnybomb_pinkScott Patt womp_cowtank_darkblue

womp_battlefish_yelloworange Scott Patt womp_helipig_green

Scott Patt womp_bunnybomb_blue-1 Scott Patt womp_cowtank_redorange

womp_battlefish_black Scott Patt womp_helipig_yelloworange

Scott Patt womp_bunnybomb_grey Scott Patt womp_cowtank_pink

Scott Patt weapons of mass production gumball circles

Scott Patt, Rabbit with foot, series of 20, black

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, artist Scott Patt's work has been influenced by the art of the Pennsylvania Dutch, and by post pop consumerism with its primary colors and promises of a healthier tomorrow.  His paintings and installations have been shown around the world --from Japan and Amsterdam to Portland and New York -- in spaces ranging from museums to alternative storefronts. His works have been shown at Winston W├Ąchter in New York City, 212 Gallery in Aspen, Colorado, and the Portland Museum of Art, as well as galleries like McCaig-Welles and Compound Gallery. Scott Patt has been a body builder, a missionary, a surfer, a strip club sketch artist and a creative director. Scott Patt currently lives and works in Southern California.


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The Savage said...

There goes the expression, "When pigs fly."

Kathryn said...

These are cool. I wonder if he designs for "Arm The Animals" t-shirts as the Whale one looks like offered on their site.

Elle Sees said...

strip club sketch artist, hehe

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Those are darn cool!

Melissa Blake said...

oh, those are awesome!!

Trissta said...


Much Love,