Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Custom Smart Cars

They say good things come in small packages. These customized Smart Cars have personality PLUS and look like fun.  Well, maybe they look a little ridiculous, but sometimes it is nice to see ANYTHING other than the boring, traditional cars that we see every day.  :)


smart-expressions-vinyl-wrap-option--plaid-pattern_100316071_m custom smart car snakeskin

pink smart car pinky1_original MPackaging+Pierre+Herme+smart+car

custom smart car black and white yellow custom+smart+car+body+kit

flaming flames smart car displayimage custom+silver+smart+car

custom tattoo_002-1 smart car custom wood smart_car_05

smart-car-custom-art smart car 38638200001_large

hello kitty smart car smart car flowers

custom smart car 9 animal smart car DSC_00541

drollgirl custom skull smart car drollgirl custom smart car flames

custom smart car red hello kitty ed hardy custom smart car edhardytattoocar

dotted smart car custom smart car dottedsmartcar_driverside custom smart car 4821351036_83f7d38494

custom smart car argyle smart car zebra kunuted edition

bronze orange custom smart car 2008-brabus-ultimate-112-based-on-smart-fortwo-front-angle-view-588x441 custom wood panel smart car 4659970566_aedb9c4bcf_b

custom smart-car-fallen-fruit-6 custom grass smart car gallery12-grass-covered-smart-car-large

smart car knit crochet image_4 smart car 013

custom smart car black and white cheetah animal print smart car IMGP0418_full

custom smart car DSCN3819 cow smart car a97806_cow

smart car SMARTWRAPDESIGN custom smart car a97806_art2

smart car neon IQ custom smart car hello kitty black


Which one is your favorite?


sporkgasm said...

Umm, how come I really want the houndstooth one?

Trissta said...

Love the fins on that first one!!! Super cute! However, I would be scared as hell to drive one of those things around in fear that I'd get in an accident and totally be squished. I had a friend that drove a Volkswagen beetle and she got into an accident with a semi truck and it took off the entire top of the car and almost took her head with it. I would totally drive one of these around campus, though. That'd be awesome.

Much Love,

Jennifer Vallette said...

Yeah. I think I'd rather have a golf cart than one of these.

Kana said...

The two detailed to look like tiny PT Cruisers made me schnorfle. :)

Lorena said...

The Hello Kitty one is sooo cute - if i were 10 years younger. The convertible is my pick.

Dancing Branflake said...

The Hello Kitty one made me laugh out loud! Remember when we used to have to use our feet to propel small cars like that? Oh, how times have changed.

Shelley said...

I LOVE the little red woody with the surfboard! My car is small, but damn those are tiny!

Phoenix said...

These are adorable! People can make fun of them all they want, but they should try parallel parking in LA between two huge SUVs and then see who's laughing. I have a smaller car (not as small as a SmartCar) and I love it for that reason.

When I went to ComicCon last year, they had a Batmobile SmartCar parked outside. I geeked out.

(and the paint splatter one is my favorite. Because it would probably hide bird crap better than any other design.)

The Savage said...

I was all like, "The woody," and then I saw the big ol' monster tire one and a little bit of my red neck side stood up and shouted, "Yee haw!"
The first Hello Kitty with the guy unabashedly sitting there like, "Yeah. That's right. I've got the balls to be this awesome." That's my fave....

E said...

Wood paneling is awesome!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Hilarious! They're crazy, but oh so fun. I'm with E. Want to go surfing with the wood paneled one. Would it hold up a surfboard? Oh and can you teach me how to surf? Ha!

Stoic Tia said...

I HATE, I mean LOATH these cars!!! Every time I see one I just want to kick it, because I'm positive I could kick it over. Ridiculous. But I kinda love the woodie one.

Anne said...

I definitely love entertainment and a good laugh, at other's expense. You'll find me encouraging such behavior always.

I like them.

cerebral e said...

the "monster truck" one is hilarious. Really defeats the purpose of a smart car.

I recently bought a mini cooper (pale blue with a white roof) and I have not seen any others the same colour...even when I was in Sydney last week where every 10th car seems to be a mini. As I pulled up to the traffic lights today, a guy was laughing...hmmm...I wonder if he was laughing at my car?

It's great to get my old patients reminiscing about their first mini!