Friday, April 26, 2013

It's All in the Name

I was at a kid baseball game over the weekend.  A lady sitting behind me kept yelling after her son KEANU.  It was all I could do not to laugh out loud every time she said that name.

Later on, another mother was yelling after her daughter MILEY.  UGH!  The horror!!!! 

I was relaying this story to my co-worker (poor guy -- he gets to hear all of my useless observations) when he asked if I had seen this chart which lists the most popular baby names by state.     


It is kind of astonishing how name trends sweep the nation, and come quickly in and out of fashion.

I used to work with a guy named Dustin Kilgore.  One day I gushed to him that I just LOVED his name (omfg, who wouldn't love having the name KILGORE, especially anyone that is a fan of Kurt Vonnegut and his KILGORE TROUT character).  Dustin told me he HATED his name, that he used to be fine with it until a kind of famous college wrestler with the same name came along and pretty much ruined his life.  He HATED that he was constantly being mistaken for this wrestler and felt his art career suffered because of it.  LOL!   Sucky!!!!  I would hate that too!!! 

Thoughts on names?  Would you rather have a unique name, or one that makes you blend in with the masses? Heard any especially good or bad names lately?

P.S.  One of my neighbors has a dog named Ludacris.  It makes me laugh every time I hear it.


Aline said...

kilgore trout!!

i've always loved having a more unique name. although today on apartment therapy, they featured an aline's office so that was weird.

is mason a popular boys name because of mason jars?? lol

i grew up with a michael jackson and that always cracked me up because he was famous before this poor kid was born. i know someone who named their kids dylan and brandon too. smh

Trissta said...

My nephew's name is Mason. However, it's because it's a family name, and it was like 9-10 years ago that he was born. I went to school with a kid named Rock Haun and a girl named Crystal Shande Lear. I would kill my parents if they did that to me. I'm happy to know, though, that so far I'm the only Trissta with two ss's that I know of. I'd like to keep it that way. I'm always getting people who glory over the fact that I have two ss's in my name. What's even better is that my middle name is Bobbee. I'm a triple double letter bitch. I'm amazing. I know.

Much Love,

Megan said...

In my mid-20s, I briefly dated a personality-free man with the surname of Bond. The only thing I liked about him was his last name. I asked him if he ever had a son some day, would he be open to naming his son James? His answer was no. I didn't return his calls after that.

Miley, Keanu? reminds me of when I was a kid in the 80s and I used to think people who named their daughters Farrah were dumb because who wanted to spend her whole life be named after some TV actress from the 1970s? And then the actress ended up dying from ass cancer...poor woman.

Felicia said...


Kana said...

Were you watching baseball in Hawaii? Keanu and Maili (sounds like Miley) are totally reasonable there, as pre-famous people names. Otherwise, I guess just be greatful it wasn't a Mason or a WIlliam. Jeezy-PETES.

I have a name that's usual enough for Hawaii, and crazy-unique everywhere else. It can be a pain to the same old explanations all the time, but it's kind of become part of the ritual of meeting a new person, going to the bank, etc; gives us something to talk about, at least. It's astounding how they never even accidentally guess the correct pronunciations, but I also feel bad for the Stacy/Jennifer/Amanda/Samantha etc continuum - it's like they weren't even given a name, to me. Just a group to be alloted to, where you use your last initial to distinguish yourself from your peers. Same for all the Bill/Bob/Ted/Steve/Ed etc continuum. Even though it's not true, I can't help but feel like their parents weren't really paying enough attention. At least shake it up with a Liam, hmmm?

Caroline said...

Gosh darn it...I named my daughter Sophia 13 years ago when it was cool... Now everyone has that name!

Dancing Branflake said...

Bwahahahaha! Well, I have my names. They are awesome and secret and definitely not on that map. The horror!

Jennifer Vallette said...

Great topic. I too would have died sitting there. Sophia is such a pretty name I don't care if it's all over. Great-great name. Somehow I managed to pick a name for our son that I still have yet to meet another boy with the same - Kelley. We meet girls named Kelly but no boys.

The Savage said...
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The Savage said...

I've lived in Missouri and Kansas for the past 13 or so years and have yet to meet a single "Mason" male, female, young or old...

Annabelle Archer said...

I like unique names, as long as they can pass a few conditions.

1. Will it still be good once they are a grown up? In the work force? Wanting to be taken somewhat seriously?

2. Is is spelled in a logical way that will help prevent the frustrations of it always being wrong or always having to spell it for people?

3. Is it within your personal heritage/culture/race etc.?

If one must give a wacky name because one just can't resist, at least make it the middle name, and let the kid chose to switch over to it, if THEY love it.

Kathryn said...

I would have had a hard time keeping a straight face on those.

It is hard to pick our kid's name. My ex and I settled on Kyle mostly because it was not the name of someone we didn't like (only because neither of us had known anyone by that name). If my ex had had his way I would have been calling out Zachariah or Ezekiel at my son's football games.

The argument for the nickname of "Zach" or "Zeke" didn't fly with me because many times in school you are put alphabetical order for things and it would have always put him last unless there was a Zelda in his class.

I think growing up it is best to have name that blends in; kids are cruel and an odd name can make you a target. You can always change it legally when you are older if you find a name that better suits you.
One my son's friends legally changed his name to "Seger" while in high school after the singer Bob Seger.

Some of the worst I have heard is a guy I used to work with who named his son "Hannibal" and my mother worked with a woman who was named "Salamader" because her mother thought it was a type of flower (it is tailed amphibian).

Shelley said...

I like old fashioned names... ones that don't come back around because they sound so old :p I toyed around with the name Harrison for Dexter, but since our last name starts with an H I didn't want anyone calling him Harry... too Harry and the Henderson's for me.

cerebral e said...

The worst baby names I've heard of in the past few years were a pair of twins named after a cigarette brand.

The most popular baby names in my state last year were Charlotte and Noah. Queue the ark jokes.

It is such a cruel thing to give a child a misspelt or celebrity name that will follow them through life.

ajg-jane said...

In the days of Count - counterpoint on SNL without fail I would be at a party and someone would yell from the back of the room "Jane, you ignorant slut" I hated my name for awhile. As an adult I like my plain Jane name, how about you Jane?

Stoic Tia said...

I like different names, but not odd names, you know?
When naming our boys we wanted names that weren't likely to be the name of 5 other kids in their class, but also not something that would have people saying "wait, what??" I don't like when people take a seemingly normal name and try to spell it in a new way. poor child will have to be correcting people for the rest of their lives! And I HATE names that make people automatically call you be shortened version. We really liked Jackson, but I would get so mad if people just took the liberty to call him Jack. With Lincoln and Brooks, they are both "normal" enough to not get weird looks, but we have yet to meet another kid witht he same name. WIN!

Lorena said...

In this side of the world most girls are called Ana Sofia and most boys Diego - it's like there are no more names out there.
I personally don't like names that end in "th" like Janeth, Yanibeth - I also don't like names that begin with a "Y" like Yatsury....
I am ok with my name, it was second choice to Maria Alejandra.

Elle Sees said...

elle is my nickname, but my government name is constantly mispronounced and's not even difficult!