Thursday, April 11, 2013


Marilyn Monroe gentlemen prefer blonds 1952 slip

vintage slip tumblr_ljtj0rBkKK1qbl06no1_500


stanwyck-blondell slip



Judi_bath slip

joan_collins slip

Seinna Miller slip



PatsyKensit slip

Joan_Crawford slip

Jayne Mansfield 4457476555_01d6ec4a07_z


Cybill_Shepherd slip

Rita Hayworth slip tumblr_ks88glg3HG1qzoaqi

drew barrymore slip

MarilynMonroeHair slip

Jane_Seymour slip


Elizabeth Taylor slip

diana_dors slip

Winona Ryder slip

vintage slip tumblr_m4if9rGFa31qf6jy9o1_500


Thoughts on slips????

The boyfriend and I recently took a trip to Vegas. As we were getting dressed to go out, he asked why I was wearing a slip underneath my dress. I explained that I LOVE wearing slips. They are sexy. They are comfortable. They smooooooooooth things out and disguise panty lines and bra lines. And I like to think that they cut down on the JIGGLE factor. I have a fair amount of jiggle when I walk, and I really CAN'T STAND the jiggly walk. I think most women jiggle [especially those wearing lightweight summery dresses], and really thin, flimsy and/or sheer dress fabrics certainly highlight the j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-jiggle factor. The boyfriend told me that jiggling is a GOOD thing, which made me laugh. And when I asked him if guys like jiggling chicks because it reminds them of SEX, he confirmed it was true.


Caroline said...

I love your boyfriend! I wish more men would confirm the fact that women with a bit of jiggle are sexy! My guy said he loves stick and sickly thin girls for him (thank goodness...cuz I am not a stick figure!). As for slips...they are sexy! I kinda want to get one now!!!

Shelley said...

Hahahahah! Too funny. Jiggle is good in the right place... I have jiggle in the wrong places.

Jill said...

I love slips and my husband loves Jiggling he calls me.

Anonymous said...

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The Savage said...

I like women with bumps and curves in all the right places....

Dancing Branflake said...

Bahahaha! I love when I jiggle when I walk! I have no curves, but for I love when I jiggle. And I love my slips. I have about twenty of them and wear them no matter what kind of skirt or dress I'm wearing.

Panty Buns said...

I agree that slips are very sexy. I felt lust looking at the photos. On the other hand I agree with your boyfriend: I love jiggling! I also happen to love panty lines, whether they're someone else's or my own. Lingerie and jiggling both make me swoon, whether it includes panty and bra lines, lines or gorgeous sexy slips :)

Kaz said...

Slips are incredibly sexy. I like to lounge around at home in a slip and pretend I'm Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Yep :-)

Kana said...

Amazingly, I only saw a clear aereola in one of these photos - pop quiz! Which One Has The Nip?