Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Well these stupid tees made me laugh.

Awesome Is My Name…Teamwork is My Game Together We Are Extraordinary
Fresh Ideas Start Here Hand Over the Negative and No One Gets Hurt
Going the Extra Mile for Smiles I Make Our Team Supreme
Appreciated and I Know It I'm An Office Rock Star
I've Got A Serious Case of the Positives May the Awesome Be With You
From The Office of Positive Mojo Greatness Served Daily
Try Not to be Distracted by My Awesome You Can't Spell Awesome Without Me
Appreciation Never Goes Out of Style I Make Our Team Work
My  Boss Thinks I'm Kind of a Big Deal This Is What Gold Looks Like
Rumor Has It...I Rock Smells Like Team Spirit
I Put the Zing in Amazing I'm Kind of a Big Deal
My Other Shirt is a Cape Proud Member of a Super Team
Hello, My Name is Awesome I Brake for High Fives
Does This Shirt Match My Halo File Under Fantastic

Long ago when I was a teenager I worked at a carburetor shop where all employees had to wear matching red polo shirts that sported the employee name + the business logo. I guess it made getting dressed a bit easier, but it also made one feel like a corporate drone. The distinctive shirts also made it difficult to hide from customers.  Har. 

Later on in life I got a stupid job at UCLA where we had to wear NAME TAGS (!!!!!and nylons!!!!!) every day. IN AN OFFICE. HURL.

Being forced to wear one of these tees on the job wouldn't work so well for me. Clearly I am winning zero awards for my TEAMWORK attitude. ;]

All t-shirts and many more craptastic items available for purchase here


Trissta said...

Bahahahahaa. i'm with you on the teamwork thing. I'm so sick of working in teams at school that I've refused to do it anymore. I'd rather do twice the work on my own and get it done right than to have to deal with some bozo who doesn't know what the eff is going on. It sucks. Maybe we would make a good team? lmao.

Much Love,

Felicia said...

Whoever wears things like this without being ironic about it needs a swift kick in the ass.

You guys should read the book "Quiet." I just finished it and it's all about how teamwork/extroversion-heavy workplaces (or even school environments) are highly overrated and how us introverts should be applauded rather than looked down upon for our work styles.

Jen said...

Panty hose???!!!! Good lord!!!

Shelley said...

nylons :p I have had to wear my fair share of polos for work, and then of course a polo and an apron. My job as a display manager didn't have a dress code... so it would crack me up when a customer saw me hanging a chandelier (while at the top of a 6 foot ladder) and would ask "do you work here?" ... I always wanted to tell them no.

The Savage said...

There is no "I" in team.. however there is a me... and meat.. and ate and eat, tam, tame, mate, am, at...

The fact that you worked in a carburetor shop just made you one of the sexiest women on the internet...

Dancing Branflake said...

If I'm ever forced to wear a shirt with motivational smug lettering, so help me...

Claire Kiefer said...

LOL to hiding from customers. Pretty bad ass that you worked in a carburetor shop as a teenager, though. I've never had a uniform of any sort for work, and these days to say there is no "dress code" would be an understatement. I recently wore my POLITE AS FUCK shirt to the office and no one batted an eye.

Phoenix said...

lol these are awesome, in a hideous glad-I'm-not-the-one-stuck-wearing-these kind of way. I work well with teams, but it's mostly because after watching everyone else fumble, I take charge. But it has to be at a job I like.

Ever notice that you get LESS done with teams because everyone has to have a say and we all have to go around and listen to every stupid idea? Yeah. I get a lot more done on my own.

Caroline said...

Ummmm... Dumb.

ajg-jane said...

I brake for high fives and other stuff.

cerebral e said...

I love these badges by a Melbourne artist called Kearnsie. They are based on McDonald's badges like the one I used to wear when I was a "Maccas chick" during my studies.


Someone bought me the green one. I bought my (fellow Maccas victim) friend the "I'm trying my best" one.

Emily said...

My favorite one is "My other shirt is a cape." These are kind of lame, but funny. But I would hate to have to wear a uniform to work every day.

May the force be with you.