Thursday, May 9, 2013


drollgirl natural history museum diorama IMG_7051

drollgirl natural history museum diorama IMG_7034

drollgirl natural history museum diorama IMG_7046

drollgirl natural history museum diorama IMG_7041

drollgirl natural history museum diorama IMG_7039

drollgirl natural history museum diorama IMG_7029

I went with my sister and nieces to visit the Natural History Museum over the weekend. I don't think I had been since I was a kid. I was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing the dioramas were (pictured above -- not great shots, but they give you a rough idea how cool the dioramas look). I just kept GAPING at them. They are total works of art -- startlingly realistic, incredibly detailed, and scientifically accurate. Totally believable. They transport you.  They are AMAZING.

Long after I left the museum, I still could not stop thinking about the dioramas and wondering how I could get a job making them. !!!!!!DREAM JOB!!!!!! I investigated this notion a bit further by looking at the Natural History Museum website which has a page dedicated to the artists that create these dioramas. YAY! 
From what I read, their are two types of artists involved with creating museum dioramas: 

1) artists that develop compositions, paint backgrounds, and create settings for the dioramas; and, 
2) taxidermists that create the animals for the dioramas.

I was an art major in college years ago.  It is not easy to make a living with a degree in art, but I have almost always managed to find a job connected to the art world.  BUT WOW, I never ever thought of becoming an artist that made dioramas for a museum.  TALK ABOUT A DREAM JOB!!!!!!!! I wish I had thought of all of this and TRAINED FOR IT long ago!!!!  

Needless to say, I am in absolute awe of what the artists, taxidermists and natural history museums present to us.  If you get a chance, visit a natural history museum soon and check out the dioramas.  I think/hope you will be impressed! 

P.S. If this topic is of interest to you, you might want to check out this article with Tim Bovard, Taxidermist for the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles. TIM BOVARD, if you happen to see this blog post and think you might want to train me to assist you, PLEASE EMAIL ME!   :)

Here are pics of some SUPER dioramas (not my pics -- found via google images):








karoo diorama # I, natural history museum, cape town




And here is a book on the same topic that I cannot wait to get!



Felicia said...

I've been wanting to go for the longest's on my list for the next trip. For some reason the bear one made me crack up. Bears are funny to me for whatever reason, I think it's the look on their faces! And you should reach out to the museum. You never know what blindly sending your resume well get you!

sporkgasm said...

Those are awesome! When I think of diorama I think of bad thing I had to represent using a shoebox and things done miniature to scale. *shiver*

I'm glad there are dioramas I actually like. :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Girlfriend! Ride that obsession and learn it! You would be fabulous at this. You have the talent and love for it. Why not?

The Savage said...

Look at all those exotic and tasty looking critters.. mmm mmm yummy...
Are you sure that wasn't a Bass Pro shop?

Annabelle Archer said...

I think it is so cool that this has inspired a whole new dream job. You should go for it!

Claire Kiefer said...

I can't even conceive of what those look like. Taxidermy . . . meaning they are real animals? Whoa! I need to see this in person.

Caroline said...

It's never to late...look into it!

Anonymous said...

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Kristine said...

Hurray for finding your dream job!!! How exciting! You MUST pursue it. You'd be awesome and how often do we actually get to figure out what our dream job would be?! Good luck and keep the dream alive! xo

Anne said...

Dioramas there are my favorite part of the NHM. My kids always bring their sketch books and draw the animals and landscape. I love how you can just look into these scenes and imagine yourself just standing there for real. They do such a good job at getting all the specific landscape and plants correct.

The cool darkness in those great diorama rooms also make me want to just lie down and hang for hours.

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