Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stupid Ads

how does the man of steel shave, superman, stupid ads-1

brought to you by the idiots at Gillette


Jennifer Vallette said...

I swear- I'm SO OVER commercials and advertising in general these days. With the exception of a few funny and creative ads, everything is shit. And shit we don't need. BUY-BUY-BUY!!! Fuck off already ~ Happy Tuesday Love!

Shelley said...

He lazer beams at the perfect angle off the mirror, and it bounces off in the corresponding angle to his face. That is how he shaves. Duh.

It is still better than any commercial selling a lady product. No please, make it out that every lady smells, drips, leaks, is a hairy beast... do you think they can sell self esteem?

Anonymous said...

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Trissta said...

HAHAHAHAHA ok ok, I'm definitely one that would get snarky with this one. Jeez, Gillette... You totally opened a can of worms... with your eyeballs! ;) JKJK in all reality, I bet there were some folks who got pretty into it. Now I kinda want to go to the discussion boards and see what they said.

Much Love,

Kathryn said...

I guess they are trying to associate a superhero and virility with their razor, but when I read this ad it tells me he is a guy that is very destructive and and likely to gouge out large chunks of skin when he tries to shave.

Also, just because a man can do something, doesn't mean he is going to. I would rather see a normal guy where it tout he takes changes a baby's diaper, takes out the garbage and always puts the seat down without having to be asked and then direct me to a site that shows him shaven dressed up looking super hot - that might make me want to buy their razor for the man in my life.

Lorena said...

I dont like Gillete, they do animal testing.