Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Useless Observations

Jade and Kira
my nieces, Jade and Kira

my niece, Kira

My boyfriend's daughter turned thirteen a couple of weeks ago, and I went to her birthday party. There were about a dozen girls at the party -- all of them age twelve or thirteen. It was a pool party, so all of the kids were in bathing suits. I'd say most were of average build, and one was on the heavy side. ALL of them -- every single one of them -- had cellulite. Just a bit in the butt/thigh area, but it was noticeable. I thought this was SO STRANGE. When did this happen? I thought cellulite was for extra chunky babies and adults. I guess not. My boyfriend said he had noticed the same thing. Just strange. Very strange. Is it from all of the junk food that kids eat? I guess?

Then again, my two nieces are pictured above and they LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar. They are no strangers to junk food! And they look like they work out at a gym! They have ABS! MUSCLE TONE! Freaky! Lucky! I guess it is a matter of genetics? Or maybe the cellulite comes creeping up when kids near the teen years???? Humph. 

Note: I did not take these pictures of my nieces.  My smarter, prettier and thinner sister (who is to my eyes CELLULITE-FREE at age 41) took them.  ;)


Jen Vallette said...

Interesting. No clue on this one. Maybe ethnicity? But...Isn't it weird that we even notice or care? Sorry but I'm super sensitive to all this crap lately as I'm watching my 35 year old BF get Botox when she doesn't need too and another friend obsess over her looks and weight. Back to my original rant this week- STOP THE MADDNESS of brain-washing and advertising busllshit!! I just keep thinking how much of our lives are wasted worrying and feeling bad about how we look when mostly we look fucking great! We're gonna be in our 80's looking back at our 30's and 40's and remember all the shit we didn't do or enjoy because we felt fat or wrinkled or whatever. I don't want to be like that or end up feeling like that. Ok! Rant over!! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...
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kathy @ vodka and soda said...

some people are prone to cellulite but it's surprising to see it at such a young age.

Trissta said...

Ok, so here's my little opinion on this one. My thinking is that it has to do with the fact that many kids any more aren't being exposed to the same things as other kids... i.e. some kids sit in the house all day and don't get a decent amount of sun exposure or activity in during the day, while others are often inside playing video games and or watching tv. There are plenty of tiny kids who have great metabolism, but aren't getting enough of the natural stuff that we all need, thus, I believe that is what is causing this. I know that the only part of my body that I have cellulite on is the only part (my butt/upper thighs) that doesn't get regular sun exposure. Coincidence? Maybe, but to me, I think they're a pretty damn close relation. IDK though, they say if you can't tone it, then tan it. Maybe by having a tan/sun exposure, it masks cellulite rather than getting rid of it. Who knows though, maybe someone will turn this into a research project.

Much Love,

Kathryn said...

While everything I have read indicates it is genetic, I have to agree with Trissta that I think a large part is kids sitting on their butts inside all day and their diet as cellulite is just clumps of fat pushed into connective tissue.

sohbet said...
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Lorena said...

Your nieces DO HAVE ABS!
I was at a kids b day party and noticed this too, that small girls had cellulite - i thought it was odd too.
I havea friend who is ultra thin and works out like a maniac and still has cellulite, after seeing that I don't even bother to give it a try.