Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare brings a charming and magical animal kingdom to life through her incredibly detailed drawings.

Adonna Khare, B-Large-Lion1

Adonna Khare, Ram_Khare

Adonna Khare, alligator

Adonna Khare, Two Mallards, 2011

Adonna Khare, The Screaming Bear, 2013

Adonna Khare, Tarantula, 2011

Adonna Khare, Alpaca_Khare

Adonna Khare, The Chimp and the Whirlpool, 2013

Adonna Khare, Swan, 2011

Adonna Khare, Polar Bears, 2013

Adonna Khare, Rhino with Fork, 2013

Adonna Khare lion2

Adonna Khare, Polar Bear with Butterflies, 2013

Adonna Khare, liontiger

Adonna Khare, Play with Scissors, 2013

Adonna Khare, Parrot and Sailboat, 2013

Adonna Khare, Pear Snails, 2013

Adonna Khare, liontreehouse_sm

Adonna Khare, Goldfish and Balloons, 2013

Adonna Khare, Kudu and Two Chimps, 2013

Adonna Khare_unicorn_sm

Adonna Khare, In the Clouds

Adonna Khare, grasshopper_sm

Adonna Khare, Hyena, 2011

Adonna Khare, Hummingbird Windmill, 2011

Adonna Khare, frogchimp_sm

Adonna Khare, Flamingo with Legs, 2013

Adonna Khare_peccary_sm_90_bw

Adonna Khare, dogtower_sm

Adonna Khare, Bunny with Bees, 2013

Adonna Khare, Crying Warthog, 2011

Adonna Khare, Bunny with Tornadoes, 2013

Adonna Khare_hippowithastraw_light_sm

Adonna Khare_greatauk_light_sm

Adonna Khare_CamelCabinetTree_sm

Adonna Khare gorillawithorangetree_light_sm

From the artist:

Raised in a small town in Iowa, I've been drawing my family and animals since I was three. I create using the pencil, the eraser and a sock as my tools. The drawings are not pre-planned rather they evolve through my experiences with people and the absurdities of life. The result is a group of drawings where the animals coexist in a world beyond ours, and are inexplicably tied together, often not by choice. Through the work I hope to inspire adults and children to allow their imaginations to envelop them into a world other than their own. Within the work are hundreds of vignette’s, featuring creatures juxtaposed with ordinary events. Viewers are encouraged to spend time discovering the work as it unfolds foot by foot story by story.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to see Adonna Khare's drawings in person, many can be seen at the Lora Schlesinger Gallery at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

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Isabel said...

my favourite is the duck swimming in front of a castle.

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion


Pretty illustration! So precise.