Tuesday, July 16, 2013



I'd like to give this hat to my oldest sister. She drives me crazy. She is a MOOCH. Would you like examples? She traveled with my parents for about a week prior to our recent family reunion. I suspect she did that in order to avoid paying for a car rental, and to get free meals. I can't stand that. We all need a helping hand in life from time to time (WHEN WE ARE CHILDREN), but there comes a time when you should pretty much be able to pay your own way in life, and maybe even start helping others that are in need. If you are in your FORTIES, and you have a decent job, you should be able to pay for your own travel and NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR ELDERLY PARENTS THAT ARE ON A FIXED INCOME. 

When this sister exclaimed how "inexpensive" the room rental and catering were for our family reunion, I promptly asked who paid and how much, and wrote a check to help cover the expenses. Did my sister?  Methinks not.

I recently found out that my parents help this sister out with airfaire money every Christmas.  HELLO?!?!?!?  Why????????  She has a full-time job!  Why does she accept so many handouts???????? 

I can't stand moochers. I like receiving gifts and favors as much as the next person, but I try my very best to give BACK to those that are generous with me. I don't know why I am so sensitive (obsessive? judgmental?) on this particular topic, and I don't know why others are so INSENSITIVE in this matter. 

P.S. My boyfriend has told me that I am "weird" about money. Lol.


MD said...

I am 1000% with you!

Kathy said...

i agree. when my sister was younger, she had a problem with money (keeping it) and my parents always bailed her out to a point that i got mad and told them that she will NEVER learn how to save/the value of a dollar if she keeps taking money from them/they keep giving it to her!

L.R. said...

Totally agree. I am overly generous but I file away the moocher antics and I will judge you. Ha! At work I keep a snack drawer & I've let people help themselves, but the ones who only get something when they know I'm away from my desk or don't throw in a box of granola bars on occassion... I never forget. D has a problem w/ not contributing to groceries very often and it burns! Take care of your own needs!!!

cerebral e said...

I had a (doctor) friend come stay with me for a couple of weeks earlier this year...turned into 10 weeks. No rent, no help with bills, wrecking my stuff, eating my food...I felt bad though because she didn't have a job. Finally she left to go overseas for a few weeks (someone lent her money for the airfare) so when she came back here she had to find someone else to stay with. She finally started working again a couple months ago and now she's overseas travelling again.

Lorena said...

Well if you BF thinks you're weird about money, ADD ME to his list.
It pisses me off and that's as polite as i will get - my "little" brother who is +30 married with child moved into my moms basement a year and a half ago and he said he would only be there for 3 MONTHS- and has not left yet.
He is married and has a really good job but lives there with this family and in addition to that MY MOM is still paying for his STUDENT LOAN. And these are the things I find out about accidentally, I can only imagine it's the tip of the iceberg. Grrr.

Jen Vallette said...

It bugs me too. My sister used to do the same shit with our parents. I once had a joint credit card with my Mom and came to find out my sister talked her into giving her a 3K cash advance. I WAS FUCKING LIVID. This happened to be at a time where I was refinancing my house and my credit ratio needed to be stellar. I gave them both a rash of shit and promptly removed my name from the account. After that I just rolled my eyes whenever she'd use my Dad's credit card or ask for cash. Not my problem but certainly annoying.

Lindsey said...

OOOOOOH....you go girl. You are either a brave soul, don't give a shit, or your relatives don't read your blog. Whatever the case may be, props to you for callin it like ya see it.

Kathryn said...

I don't consider it weird, I consider it have a moral compass as an adult to want to pitch in.