Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sign Offs

later, dude

For some reason it drives me out of my mind when someone signs off on an email with the word CORDIALLY.   I hate that word!  It is so cold and imperious.   ZERO personality.

But the other professional sign-off options aren't much better:

Best (best? what?)
Best Wishes (sounds like a greeting card)
Fondly (sounds too much like FONDLING)
Sincerely (yawn)
Sincerely Yours (calm down / too officious)
Regards (chilllllllly)
Warm Regards (ew)
Yours (this doesn't even make sense)
Yours Truly (barf)

I don't know what I expect, but I hate these choices. They are all so cold! Lacking in personality!  Old-fashioned!  B-O-R-I-N-G. "Puppies and Kittens" and "Hugs and Kisses" aren't exactly options in the business world, nor is "Later" or "Yada Yada."

A friend of mine (that works for an art museum) has modified her signature to say her name, title and BREATHE IN THE LOVE, BREATHE OUT THE JIVE.   Most of us can't get away with that!

My sister had a jackass attorney boss that used to get frustrated with long email trails. His sign off was ENOUGH! ahhahahahahahhaha!

A former boss of mine used to reply LET'S DISCUSS to nearly every email that she received.  MADDENING.  Colossal waste of time.  

One time a friend gave me a button that said I CARE. It made me cackle. Maybe I could use that as my sign off. Or not. Maybe I'll wait until a universally accepted sarcastic font is available.

I care

If you have a good alternative to those listed above, please let me know!



Felicia said...

I made fun of my friend's work sign-off once because it was so corny and she was like, "Well what does yours say? Fuck off?"

Stephanie said...

My sister and I share; "love and fishies"
Pretty much everyone else gets: "peace". It's non denominational and all.

L.R. said...

One of my bosses signs her letters "With best regards I remain, Very truly yours," then her name. What the hell is that? I'm a "thank you" or "sincerely" kind of gal but "I care" is hilarious!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Gee, I know that struggle! I think I need to develop my own logo, too. Can't decide between "I Care" and "nuff said" :)

Trissta said...

Mine has always been Much Love or xx, but it depends on the person. I've always wanted to do one that says "dueces", but that could easily be taken in a very different manner than the peace out that it's supposed to be. LMAO. Business wise, I usually just stick to Sincerely. I'm boring like that.

Much Love,