Friday, August 16, 2013

Tim Flach: More Than Human

Have you ever seen Tim Flach photographs?  Images pictured below are featured in his new book, More than Human.

Tim Flach monkey eyes

Tim Flach green snake

Tim Flach tiger water shake

Tim Flach turkey

Tim Flach Monkey

Tim Flach ape gorilla

Tim Flach frog

Tim Flach dancing chicken

Tim Flach Panda Bear

Tim Flach insect

Tim Flach black panther

Tim Flach dove

Tim Flach

Tim Flach hairless cat

Tim Flach Monkey

Tim Flach insect

Tim Flach bat

Tim Flach gorilla ape hands

Tim Flach white peacock

Tim Flach lion

Tim Flach gorilla ape

With decades of experience photographing animals, Flach expertly captures the beauty, strength, personality, intelligence and peculiarity of the world's most exotic creatures.  

Tim Flach has received numerous awards from the leading photographic organizations and publications including The International Photography Awards; Creative Review Photography Annual; Communication Arts Photography Annual; Art Directors Club; and 3 Gold Cannes Lions.  He has been on the board of awards including Wildlife Photographer of the YearD&AD, and  Hasselblad Masters, and invited to lecture at universities worldwide.  His photographs have been featured in National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine, and he is represented by Osborne Samuel Gallery in London. 

Flach's latest book More than Human was published by Abrams in October and the accompanying exhibition has been on display at Osborne Samuel Gallery since December.  He lives in London with his wife and their son.  



kathy @ vodka and soda said...

wow, those are great photos. the panda one reminds of the angry panda commercial which is only the best commercial ever.

lauren, curious constellation said...

These are absolutely amazing!

Emily said...

These are all so beautiful, but I have to be honest, the naked rooster is really throwing me off. Everything else is really stunning! I'm loving the millipede; it reminds me of my pet! And the one with the hand holding really does look human.

May the Force be with you.

Kristine said...

These are incredible! I love the count Dracula bat. They are all stunning. I could stare at them all day.

Elle Sees said...

my word, those are STUNNING

Trissta said...

I love these! I've seen the snake print before, so I've heard of him, but I hadn't seen the rest. They're great! Animals are so much easier to photograph. They never worry about how they look or if the angle is right. They just do whatever the fuck they want to do. It's magnificent.

Much Love,