Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doggone It / Ralph Lauren for Dogs

I have to admit that all of these are REALLY REALLY CUTE!

Ralph Lauren Dog Raincoat

Ralph Lauren Classic Dog Polo

Ralph Lauren Classic Cable Cashmere Sweater

Ralph Lauren Color-Blocked Dog Polo

Ralph Lauren Leather Dog Carrier

Ralph Lauren Reindeer Dog Sweater

Ralph Lauren Classic Dog Polo

Ralph Lauren Quilted Dog Coat

Ralph Lauren Classic Dog Polo x 2

Ralph Lauren Striped Fleece Dog Hoodie

Ralph Lauren Dog Raincoat


Tiffany Kadani said...

Hahahahahahaha! Even the dogs look pretentious! But freaking adorable.

E said...

Ok, don't judge, but I may or may not have checked the pricing/sizing for the raincoat and the vest...

Nm, judge away.

Maegan Tintari said...

omg the polo shirts. THE POLO SHIRTS~!!~!!~!!!

Meghan said...

These are totally ridiculous but also totally CUTE! That rain jacket kills me!
Dogs in clothes are a guaranteed laugh! One time I made a shrug for my little dog Elsa. It was also totally ridiculous but I wanted to practice my knitting and make something she could wear to keep her warm. It turned out too small but I still had fun posing her in a photo shoot with it. She was not happy!

Alisa said...

Cutest models I've ever seen.

Lorena said...

They are cute - but - what??!!! no catwear ????!!!
what will your cat wear this season!

Trissta said...

Oh barf.

Also, I like your new header pic. It's cute.

Much Love,

Jen Vallette said...

I don't like any of these. Not one Chihuahua, Pug or Jack Russel in the bunch soured it for me :(