Friday, September 27, 2013

Size Matters. Or Does It?

I saw this photo and it made me laugh.


And it reminded me of why I hate being photographed standing next to my petite, tiny, oh-so-slender little sister. 

Opposites attract, size variety is unavoidable, and maybe all of our differences should just be embraced and enjoyed. :)



tom cruise and katie holmes



tallest woman shortest man

sacha baron cohen and isla fisher


Tallest Man 2

rod stewart_penny


seth green



mick jagger and l'wren scott


ellenbayer (2)




8112934eb09d1b53_Elisany da Cruz Silva 1





Brooke Shields


Charles Ray Fall_91_(red_jacket)


baoxishun (4)


Jen Vallette said...

Hahahahahahahha - OMG. You kill me. I couldn't get past that first photo with Gina and Susan. Forget Big/Small. What the FUCK is Susan wearing???!!!

hope505 said...

Love this post. As you may or may not know at this point...I have finally met My Person. He is the finest man in the world for Cougarriffic me...also, I hadn't ever thought of it...all my prior beaux have been fairly significantly taller than me (by at least 3 inches or so). Not this guy...I'm betting we are exactly the same height. To me, this means our hearts line up exactly. To him, it means he prefers wearing his construction boots most of the time, due to the slight *ahem* heel...(he does not say this). We were going to the club one night and I wanted to wear a pair of platform wedges....I came downstairs and surprised him, "'d ya like to step out with an AMAZON woman tonight, hun?"
***stunned silence****
"I like being taller than you."
I, of course, do not give f&%k one.

Ashton (King) Wright said...

My husband is more than a foot taller than me. Fortunately, none of our photos look this silly though :)

Lorena said...

It's never bothered me... then again usually it's not that much of a difference!

Felicia said...

Same with me & my tiny ass sister!! We only took one pic together on our recent trip and I look like a beached whale next to her so I refused to post it anywhere. Ugh!

Caroline said...

OMG...some of these are just too fricken funny!

diane said...

I scrolled down slowly, and these really made me smile.
Thank you.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

haha hilarious. there's a pretty big difference between me and my hubs as well; i'm 5'4 and he's 6'1.

Vodka and Soda

WendyB said...

Love ... especially the pooch photos.

Trissta said...

Holy Shit. Brooke Shields is a GIANT!

I, for one, am the short one. Not necessarily the more petite one, but definitely usually the short one. I am, incessantly attracted to taller men. The last guy I dated was a good foot taller than me. I like being a walking oxymoron sometimes.

Much Love,


Anne said...

I feel exactly the opposite as you. I feel bad for the smaller person in each of these photos. I'm always the smaller person and think I look pathetic next to a 'regular' sized person. I'm 5'2".

Let's trade.