Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Punisher Gene


I have written before about my dominant punisher gene -- something inside of me that wants to punish wrongdoing. 

A couple of months ago I sent birthday cards and birthday money to my two nephews (my brother's sons).  One nephew is eight years old, and the other nephew is eleven years old.  I never heard a word back.  Not a peep.  No acknowledgement of gifts received, and no thank yous.  I HATE THAT.  I am pretty pretty sure the money was received and spent.

If someone sends a gift, can't you send a text, an email, a card, a phone message, SOMETHING / ANYTHING acknowledging receipt and maybe even throwing in a THANK YOU??!?!?!??!  If a kid isn't properly trained to do so, CAN'T THE PARENT ASSUME THIS RESPONSIBILITY?!?!?!??!  This drives me bonkers.  I guess I am petty like that. 

So here are my retaliatory options:

1) Ask my brother if the gifts were received.  I hate this option.  It makes me seem petty and like I am dying for a thank you.  Ugh.

2) Assume gifts were received and appreciated and repeat the cycle year after year whether or not gifts are acknowledged.

3) Get all passive aggressive and stop sending gifts to ungrateful little shits. Clearly I am leaning towards this option, but I know it is the most assholeish of them all.



Tiffany Kadani said...

It's all the parents. Seriously. And I think parents should give thank you notes to their kids when their kids give them gifts because it sets an example for them. Maybe that's backward thinking, but modeling is the best teaching.

Elle Sees said...

from the time i could hold a crayon, i was taught that you write a thank you note for presents, but maybe that's a southern thing?
they totally should've said something. it's his responsibility. i'm sorry. that's awful. always say thank you.that's basic good manners.

cerebral e said...

My passive-aggressive solution to this sort of situation is to make charitable donations on their behalf instead of giving gifts. Shows you remembered them and they can't really complain about it. The larger the donation, the better it feels.

SabinePsynopsis said...

You are the ONLY blogger whose posts I habitually read to the man - just because your rants make us happy :)
I don't have a solution, but I know that I definitely have the punisher gene, too - catholic upbringing and all...

Stephanie said...

My boyfriend is one of those no thank you calls or emails even. Then for Christmas his mom made a donation to a charity in his name and sent him a card saying she did so. Boy, he called her so fast all pissed off. It was great!

Krista Gassib said...

This is funny because I feel the same way. I always send ok almost always send thank you cards I can't stand it when people don't even acknowledge gifts. Are they really that busy?

Meghan said...

It's always surprising to me when people don't send thank you notes let alone even acknowledge the gift! Wtf?
If it was me, I would assume they received it but next year just send a card or make a donation like others have suggested.

Meghan said...

p.s. the title of this post made me laugh. When I was in college my girlfriends and I had nicknames for the guys we had crushes on. One was the punisher because he was the security guard at the library and he was always confiscating pizzas and drinks from students. We joked that he was the punisher. My friend eventually went out with him, but it turned out the best thing about him was the nickname!

Lorena said...

Oh i am a punisher toooo!
Its the parents fault.
I would ask them (the kids) if they got the gifts and then I would not send anything next time.
Don't send any more gifts to those little shits for at least 2 years, then send again. See what happens.

Trissta said...

Okay, I hear you on this one. I send my nieces and nephews packages all the time. There have been times that I haven't heard from my sisters (their moms) and instead of calling and being like "bitch, say thank you" I call and say, "Hey, I sent a package, did you get it? Just want to make sure some hobo didn't steal my money." Also, just being forthcoming and honest with my sisters has worked wonders. They do call/text/send mail back to me now, which, I think is mostly prodding from the littles, who really just want to send something in the mail. IDK, my family is getting better at the whole being friends and respectful of each other, so maybe that's why. Speaking of sending stuff... My nephew's birthday is in two days. I better get to sending him a package!

Much Love,