Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Joseph Cornell

One of my favorite artists is Joseph Cornell.

An avid collector, Cornell was fascinated by remnants of once beautiful and precious objects that he discovered during his frequent visits to bookstores and thrift shops. He methodically collected and catalogued his many purchases, and utilized them to make carefully layered and constructed boxes and collages. Cornell turned everyday throw-away items into unique, mysterious, nostalgic treasures. 

Here are some examples of his creations:

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Tamara Toumanova), c. 1940 cropped

Joseph Cornell, Andromeda, Grand Hotel de l'Observatoire, 1954

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Your Mirror-Double), c. 1969 cropped

Joseph Cornell, A Dressing Room for Gille, 1939

Joseph Cornell, Soap Bubble Set- Object, 1947-1952

Joseph Cornell, The Caliph of BagDAD, c. 1954

Joseph Cornell, Battle of the Constellations (for Susan Sontag), c. 1965 cropped

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Dovecote), c. 1953

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Napoleonic Cockatoo), c. 1949

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Medici Princess), c. 1952-1954

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Rabbit Joins Battalion), c. 1940, 1942

Joseph Cornell jcni_19

Joseph Cornell, The-Eagle-the-Arrow-and-the-Dolphin-c.-1960

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Grand Hotel Des Iles D'or, 1952

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Yellow Sand Fountain), c. 1955

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Zizi Jeanmaire Lobster Ballet), c. 1949

Joseph Cornell, First Collage in a Long Time, 1959

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell, Hommage A Tamara Toumanova, December 1940

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Great Horned Owl with Harvest Moon), c. 1942

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (First Collage in a Long Time), 1959

Joseph Cornell, Untitled Butterfly Habitat, c. 1940

Joseph Cornell, Cassiopeia #3, c. 1963

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Snow Maiden), c. 1933

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Penny Arcade with Horse), c. 1965

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Tamara Toumanova), c. 1940 cropped

Joseph Cornell has a lengthy, yet fascinating biography.  To read more about him, click here and here.

If you are interested in learning more about Joseph Cornell and seeing extensive images of his creations, these are two of the best publications that I have found about him:

I am excited and honored that I have been given the opportunity to share art blog posts on lovemaegan.com. I love love love love LOVE art, and I am always eager to share my enthusiasm for art with others. 

To see more AMAZING samples of Cornell boxes featured on lovemaegan.com, please click here. :)


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Very cool! Thanks for the introduction! i'm reminded a little of the fantastical and surreal vibe from Dali's works here.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love them all, but the first one is absolutely captivating. Although, the dancer one is way cool, too.

Trissta said...

LOVE THESE! You just introduced me to a new favorite artist. That first one... amazing.

Much LOVE,