Thursday, October 3, 2013

Susie MacMurray: Garment Sculptures


At first glance British artist Susie MacMurry's hand-created garment sculptures look like haute couture.  Closer inspection reveals that these gowns are made using non-traditional materials such as household gloves (turned inside out), balloons, feathers, and dressmaker pins.

A Mixture of Frailties 2004
1400 household gloves turned inside out, calico, tailors dummy

Susie MacMurray, A Mixture of Frailties, 2004, 1

Susie MacMurray, A Mixture of Frailties, 2004, 2

Susie MacMurray, A Mixture of Frailties, 2004, 3

Susie MacMurray, A Mixture of Frailties, 2004, 4 AMF-MAD

Susie MacMurray

Gladrags 2002
10,000 fuschia pink balloons, rug underlay
collection of Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

Susie MacMurray, Gladrags, 2002, 1

Susie MacMurray, Gladrags, 2002, 3

Susie MacMurray, Gladrags, 2002, 2

Susie MacMurray, Gladrags, 2002, 4

Icarus 2012

In May 2012, WWF unveiled unique commissions from leading artists, designers and architects, at Pandamonium in Hyde Park. The pieces were created to inspire awareness of WWF’s breadth of work.

Pandamonium in Hyde Park was an evening of performances, with an open air catwalk show, a champagne reception and auction by Phillips de Pury. This exclusive event raised funds and highlighted the organization’s work.

Curated by Artwise, each artist contributed a piece of wearable sculpture or performance. The  Pandamonium collection included fashion, textile, interaction, millinery and music.

Susie MacMurray, Icaurs, 2012, 1

Susie MacMurray, Icarus, 2012, 5

Susie MacMurray, Icarus, 2012 2

Susie MacMurray, Icarus, 2012, 4

Susie MacMurray, Icarus, 2012, 3

Icon 2002
15,000 metallic blue balloons, rug underlay

Susie MacMurray

Susie MacMurray, Icon, 2002, 3

Susie MacMurray, Icon, 2002, 4

Susie MacMurray, Icon, 2002, 5

Widow 2009
black nappa leather, 43 kg adamantine dressmakers pins, tailors dummy
collection of Manchester Art Gallery

Susie MacMurray, Widow 2009, 1

Susie MacMurray, Widow, 2009, 2

Susie MacMurray, Widow, 2009, 3

Susie MacMurray, Widow, 2009, 4

Susie MacMurray, Widow, 2009, 7

Susie MacMurray, Widow, 2009, 5

Formerly a classical musician, Susie MacMurray returned to school to study art at  Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated with a Masters degree in Fine Art in 2001. Since then, she has achieved international status and has been exhibited widely in galleries and museums. She has also undertaken a number of site-specific installations in various historic locations in the United Kingdom and Europe. Susie MacMurray lives and works in Manchester, UK.

Susie MacMurray is represented by Gina Agnew Contemporary Art in London and Danese Corey in New York.


Imogen said...

Wow this is incredible? I've never seen anything like this before. I especially can't believe the first piece made of household gloves

Lorena said...

Interesting. However I tend to think art should also serve a purpose, not just looking pretty - if not it's like having a trophy wife/husband.

Trissta said...

Holy cow. That's amazing. I once read about this designer that made this amazing dress out of expired, unused condoms. It was to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, I believe. Kinda crazy!

Much Love,

Alisa said...

Really Cool!

SabinePsynopsis said...

I totally love her work. It's surprising and beautiful and makes you think...