Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Useless Observations

Is it just me, or do Charles Manson and Russell Brand look a little bit alike?

Charles-Manson  russell-brand-thumb-44421
Russell-brand_plastic-surgery Charles+Manson+Charles
charles_manson russell-brand-gi-726-1
1AEDB263 charles manson-shaved
03p/03/arod/15393/P2799368 russell-brand-fx-getty
Russell Brand 223285-russell-brand charles manson-db0151709c2bf9671a7551fb88a8877d73cae84b-s6-c30
charles-manson-29 russell_brand_1144805
david lynch press conference 131210 charles-manson-iq-109
BE021416 Russell-Brand--mai_1554917a
Russell Brand l328271_001-161375 Charles Manson_Charles_007
charles-manson-275 RussellBrand
russell_brand-1 Charles-Manson-1
charles-manson-denied-parole-again-but-where--L-GB27Ij  russell_brand_looking-jpg_89398_20131029-592
67176412 Charles Manson tumblr_mdc3e1Lp9m1r65o3qo1_400
charles-manson-195 RussellBrandOops
russell brand drugs CharlesManson
Russell_Brand_1734761a charlie_manson 
Germany Film Get Him To The Greek Charles Manson 2532609-259967-charles-manson

I am still trying to decide which one would be more irritating to hang out with.


girlunwinding said...

OMG~ creepy creepy creepy. I think if I was Russell I'd be looking into a "new" look, yeah.

nicole said...

yes! they both have "crazy eyes!" keen observation DG!!!!

KaH said...

you are spot on! scary!

Lorena said...

They actually DO LOOK A LOT ALIKE.
The crazy eye look.... I must take a moment to admit I think RB is an ASS but a great looking man.
Unofrtunately these come hand in hand way too many times.

Trissta said...

Totally spot on.

Much Love,

Tiffany Kadani said...

Can this be a regular feature? Because this is awesome.

Elle Sees said...

hehehe this is why i love drollgirl

Clenia Gigi said...

Hehe this is really random! But yeah its true, they really do look so much alike!

Alisa said...


I love listening to Russell talk!