Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Amanda Friedman: Night Landscapes

Amanda Friedman's Night Landscape series is mesmerizing. Transporting us from our busy and chaotic lives, these photographs reveal a simple, beautiful, and somewhat eerie solitude.  By honing in on form, color and contrast, Friedman captures peace, calm and beauty that we don't always take the time to notice.   

Amanda Friedman

Amanda Friedman, Tree, Marina Del Rey, CA

Amanda Friedman, Eagle Rock #1

Amanda Friedman, Coachella, Indio, CA

Amanda Friedman, Bakersfield, CA

Amanda Friedman, Palms, Dockweiler State Beach

Amanda Friedman, Lifeguard Station, Santa Monica

Amanda Friedman, Elysian Park #2

Amanda Friedman, Spotlights, Hollywood, CA

Amanda Friedman, Santa Monica No. 56

Amanda Friedman, Christmas Lights

Amanda Friedman, Eucaluptus Tree, Hollywood, CA

Amanda Friedman, Carmel, CA

Amanda Friedman, Rochester #7

Amanda Friedman, Santa Monica #6

Amanda Friedman, Norwalk, CA

Amanda Friedman, Santa Monica Pier

Amanda Friedman, Collision, Marina Del Rey, CA

Amanda Friedman, Las Vegas Skyline

Amanda Friedman, Santa Monica #1

Amanda Friedman, Bus, Westchester, CA

About the artist....

In 1998 Amanda Friedman received her BFA in Photography from The Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then, her photographs have been included in The New York Times, The London Sunday Telegraph, Travel Leisure, Time, Newsweek and Budget Travel. She was a 1999  Surface Magazine Avant Guardian, a 2008 Critical Mass Finalist and placed first for photo essay in the 2011 PDNNational Geographic Traveler World in Focus Contest.

Amanda Friedman has an Etsy Shop where you can buy her lovely photos at very reasonable prices.   Click here for details.


Caroline said...

Amazing… wow

Jennifer Hyduk said...


E said...

I think nighttime photos are always my favorite. Maybe because I'm in awe of how they do it and not have it come out looking totally grainy. These are beautiful.

Tiffany Kadani said...

The simplicity of these and the use of negative space is amazing.

Trissta said...

Super cool, especially with the fog. I love fog pictures, so these are awesome for me.

Much Love,

Kathryn said...

Stunning photos.

Phoenix said...

These photos are simply amazing. Such great effects with the light.

Thank you for sharing :)

Elle Sees said...

truly gorgeous and unique