Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fabien Mérelle

Fabien Merelle, Dindon, 2011

Fabien Merelle, Avant, 2012

Fabien Merelle, Poulpe II (Octopus II), 2013jpg

Fabien Merelle, Envol (Flight), 2013

Fabien Merelle, Nuee, 2012

Fabien Merelle, Elle (Her), 2013

Fabien Merelle, John Acteon Deer, 2010

Fabien Merelle, Mouton, 2012

Fabien Merelle, Vautours (Vultures), 2013

Fabien Merelle, Animal, 2013

Fabien Merelle, Metamorphose, etude pour sculpture, 2012

Fabien Merelle, Le crabe, 2011

Fabien Merelle, Planeur (Glider), 2013

Fabien Merelle, Papillon dans la tete, 2011

Fabien Merelle, Casse la baraque, 2010

Fabien Merelle, Tronconne, 2011

Fabien Merelle, Behemoth, 2010

Fabien Merelle, Principe Pio, 2013

Fabien Merelle, Pentateuque, 2010

Fabien Merelle, Pere et mere (Father and mother), 2013

Fabien Mérelle is a highly talented and emerging young French artist who creates delicately detailed drawings in black ink and watercolour. A recent graduate from the Beaux-Arts Academy in Paris, Mérelle received a scholarship in 2005 to attend the Beaux-Arts academy in Xi’An, China. Already passionate about the art of drawing, this trans-global opportunity permitted Mérelle to discover and perfect the use of alternative Eastern drawing techniques, such as Chinese ink. Upon his return to the West, Mérelle was granted a residence at the prestigious Casa Vélasquez in Madrid and in 2010 he was the first winner of the highly lauded Canson Prize.

Although Mérelle’s drawings appear at first sight realistic in their rendering, they in fact depict outworldly scenarios, unsettling situations and dream-like occurrences. Working on a minute scale against a sparse white background, Mérelle prompts the viewer to individually examine his figures and peer into a world, which from the outset may appear as our own, but upon closer inspection is a rendering of a personal streaming subconscious: in ‘Avant’ (2012), the still-life depiction of a coniferous tree is distorted by the slouching torso of a bearded man, the artist himself, perched atop the tree's crown; in  ‘Ile’ (2012), a man, yet again Mérelle himself, tentatively stands on the border of a perspectival slice of terrain, suggesting his proximity to an infinite abyss-like precipice; in ‘Pentateuque’ (2012), a man, cast as Mérelle, performs the impossible of balancing on his back, arms outstretched, a perched elephant.

These renderings, simultaneously absurd, humorous, ironic and cruel, weave their own tapestry of tales and legends, blurring the line between what has been written and what our memory has forged. Mérelle’s insistence on anatomical precision, an art historical tradition borrowed from great draughtsmen such as  Albrecht Dürer, adds a dimension of doubt and moderate belief, as the viewer simultaneously quizzes yet recognizes and understands what he sees. Mérelle thus brings our inner thoughts and mental scenarios on to the surface of a page, channelling psychological theories of great 20th century thinkers such as Pierre Janet, and providing viewers with a visual of what the depths of our minds might conjure. 

Fabien Mérelle’s exquisite work has received international recognition and has been exhibited at The Armory Show in New York as well as Art Paris. Mérelle recently had a solo exhibition at Praz-Delavallade Gallery in Paris  and was previously part of a group show at Galerie Guy Bärtschi in Geneva. His work has also appeared in various prestigious publications such as Art Actual, Beaux Arts Magazine  and Le Monde.  Mérelle’s work can be found in several private and public collections, including the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation in Paris

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Useless Observations

Jade and Kira
my nieces, Jade and Kira

my niece, Kira

My boyfriend's daughter turned thirteen a couple of weeks ago, and I went to her birthday party. There were about a dozen girls at the party -- all of them age twelve or thirteen. It was a pool party, so all of the kids were in bathing suits. I'd say most were of average build, and one was on the heavy side. ALL of them -- every single one of them -- had cellulite. Just a bit in the butt/thigh area, but it was noticeable. I thought this was SO STRANGE. When did this happen? I thought cellulite was for extra chunky babies and adults. I guess not. My boyfriend said he had noticed the same thing. Just strange. Very strange. Is it from all of the junk food that kids eat? I guess?

Then again, my two nieces are pictured above and they LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar. They are no strangers to junk food! And they look like they work out at a gym! They have ABS! MUSCLE TONE! Freaky! Lucky! I guess it is a matter of genetics? Or maybe the cellulite comes creeping up when kids near the teen years???? Humph. 

Note: I did not take these pictures of my nieces.  My smarter, prettier and thinner sister (who is to my eyes CELLULITE-FREE at age 41) took them.  ;)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Robert Polidori

Robert Polidori, 2732 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, 6328 North Miro Street, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, 6539 Canal Street, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, View from St. Claude Avenue Bridge, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, 2520 Deslondes, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, Bellair Drive No. 2, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, 1720 Touro Street, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, 5603 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, 1908 Wickfield Drive, New Orleans, 2005

Robert Polidori, St. Bernard Avenue and North Robertson Street, 2005

Robert Polidori (Canadian, b. 1951) illuminates human pathos at the intersection of man's desire for structure as evidenced by rooms, places and the impact of larger environmental forces. Acknowledging the Italian word for "camera" as “room,” and the use of the machine as a metaphor for sight, Polidori's masterful understanding of Renaissance and post-Renaissance perspectives create lush, eloquent images where the traces of human experience come alive. It is the layers of history and the collective remnants of a place's past inhabitants that drive Polidori and have created his iconic body of work. Whether breathing in the memories and life of those rooms standing as a testament to man's greatness and ambition at Versailles or the fading beauty of Havana, Cuba, Polidori also documents human environments touched by great sadness and destruction as evidenced by his work in Cherynobyl and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

The The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York held a critically acclaimed exhibition of Polidori’s After the Flood images in 2006. He has had mid-career retrospectives at the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal  and the Instituto Moreira Salles Museum in Rio and Sao Paulo, Brazil. His work is held in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; The Getty Museum, Los Angeles; The Victoria and Albert Museum, London; and the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, among others. Robert Polidori lives and works between New York and Los Angeles.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Garden Inspiration

I have been trying to spruce up my yard, so thought I would show you some plant/garden-related photos that I have taken in the last year or so.

There is no end to creativity in the garden. It is so fun and so fab, and such a nice way to get down and dirty.  :)  Maybe one or two of these pics will inspire you. :)

drollgirl's potted plants - teapot succulent container

black house, atwater village

stuck in the middle

at Pink Trash & Treasures, Buellton, CA

spanish tile & geraniums


556 Virgil

Mercedes Planter


Rocky Horror Lockers & Ivy

Lunchables -- creative potting containers at Potted

at Pink Trash & Treasures, Buellton

swing & grass

bougainvillea blowout

birds of paradise

pot envy


grass skirt

Greenery at Wisteria, Soquel

at Pink Trash & Treasures, Buellton, CA

lily pads


matchy matchy

apartments need plants too

spikes and spears


table for two.  repeat.

at Pink Trash & Treasures, Buellton, CA

race to the top

creative potting containers at Potted

ivy love

matchy matchy / pink on pink


bird of paradise

fence, trees, squares


at Pink Trash & Treasures, Buellton

Hairy Palm

dumping ground

flower power


eyes on you

drollgirl / succulents

in the pink, Los Feliz, CA

drollgirl's potted succulents

mom's succulent

planters on the playground

dewy rose

buried alive

His and Hers


creative potting containers at Potted

green and horny

Jeep Planter

My favorite things lately are the "non-traditional" planters. They are so fun and so whimsical, and a great way to repurpose items that would normally head to the trash. My mom goes to a lot of garage sales, and recently picked up 4 silver teapots for $1 each. She gave them all to me, and I am using them as pots. :)

P.S. Some of my favorite garden stores in California are: