Thursday, October 31, 2013

Amy Stein: Halloween in Harlem

Amy Stein, Untitled (Witches)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Spiderman), 2005

Amy Stein, Untitled (Dog)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Witch and Cowboy)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Mask)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Purple Skull)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Snow White and Sister), 2007

Amy Stein, Untitled (Angel)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Red Queen)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Skull and Crossbones)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Princess)

Amy Stein

Amy Stein, Untitled

Amy Stein, Untitled (Hulk), 2003

Amy Stein, Untitled (Flag Girl)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Ghoul)

Amy Stein, Untitled (Powerpuff Girls), 2005

From the artist, Amy Stein:

In October of 2003, my husband and I moved to New York and found an apartment on 112th Street in East Harlem. That Halloween, I decided to take my camera out and capture the colorful stroll of kids taking part in the same holiday activity happening in every small town, suburb and city in America.

In Harlem, children dress up as witches, fairies and their favorite comic book heroes, but they don’t go door-to-door asking their neighbors for treats. Instead, they walk up and down Lexington and 2nd Avenue collecting candy from the many liquor marts, dollar stores, beauty shops and bodegas. It is a ritual that is at once completely familiar and yet wholly unique to this culturally vital and rapidly gentrifying area of Manhattan.

Halloween in Harlem is an ongoing project largely inspired by the beauty of the neighborhood and the work of Helen Levitt.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Thoughts on the latest trends in headgear???

asos headband headgear 20

I was recently doing a bit of on-line shopping at ASOS when I saw many, MANY ridiculous headgear options that made me laugh.

Felicia of My Boring Life and I were discussing this goofball trend via twitter, and we decided to collaborate on said topic with a couple of blog posts, and perhaps warn the viewer to proceed with caution before following any headgear trends.

green headband carmen_miranda_2

clockwork orange headband

asos headband headgear 18 flowergirl-maisie2

ben-stiller-zoolander headband

axl rose headband asos headband headgear 16

asos headband headgear 9

tupac-headband 35922468

1997-hillary-clinton-headband headgear

asos headband headgear 17 asos headband headgear 15

jesus crown of thorns

asos headband headgear 3 article-2206241-151C15B6000005DC-817_470x690

jessie-spano-saved-by-the-bell headband

qs77hres-jpeg_custom-ddf3c2c2c093d3e80ad3b7e13c38f7da6a4e2d18-s6-c30 asos headband headgear 2


Wonder-woman mcenroe 



29-creepy-toddlers-tiaras--large-msg-131189584281 pirate

Janis Joplin tumblr_meypdpqR7V1qmh46wo1_1280

asos headband headgear 14



bill-hillary-clinton-1992 red headband

bret-michaels-headbandjpg Hillary Clinton Headband

asos headband headgear 12

29-creepy-toddlers-tiaras-little--large-msg-131189582194 asos headband headgear 11

usa-missamerica-winner asos headband headgear 8

asos headband headgear 10




asos headband headgear 7 asos headband headgear 5


paris_hilton_headband_2 The-Queen-7

I tend to think that hair, makeup and jewelry should be sufficient adornment from the neck up (with possible exceptions for kings, queens and brides), but that's just me.  If someone wants a bouquet, a bird's nest, a treasure trove, a food tray, or a crown of thorn's sitting atop their head, I guess they can have at it.

Thoughts from Felicia of My Boring Life:

I saw a group of young high school aged girls wearing these fool-ass things at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show in Portland earlier this summer.  It wasn't so much the GIGANTIC MASS of tumorous faux flowers from the finest dusty bin at Michaels' craft store, but the outfits they were wearing to "compliment" the headdress.  Most of them were wearing high-waisted diaper short-shorts with off the shoulder crop tops.  If you have eyeballs and the gift of sight you've probably noticed that this is just what all the kids are wearing these days.  Not only that but I spotted a gaggle of young girls going to their Homecoming dances last month wearing dresses so short and tight that even Courtney Stodden would throw shade. Like, cooch out flapping in the damn wind.

HAHAHHAHAHA!!!  Felicia and are in agreement that the trend featured above (as well as many other trends in fashion) look rather ridiculous.  For more of Felicia's thoughts on this topic, click here.