Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gobble Gobble

May your Thanksgiving holiday be half as entertaining as THIS!  :)

The Colbert Report
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P.S. 'Tis the season. BLEH! Gearing up for another focacta art fair -- hence the lack of posting, lack of commenting, and exceptionally angry tweets lately. BLEH! WHATEVER!  ANYWAY! Cheers to a 4-day weekend and I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!!! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Neil Wax

Brought to you by Neil Wax!

neil-wax-panic neil-wax-prolonged-agony
neil-wax-inner-turmoil neil-wax-loss
neil-wax-anger neil-wax-anxiety
neil-wax-regret neil-wax-schadenfreude
neil-wax-despair neil-wax-burden
neil-wax-doom neil-wax-angst
neil-wax-self-sabotage neil-wax-spite
neil-wax-pain neil-wax-malaise
neil-wax-rage neil-wax-self-pity
neil-wax-guilt neil-wax-fear
neil-wax-cruelty neil-wax-dread
neil-wax-blame neil-wax-failure
neil-wax-ennui neil-wax-ruin
neil-wax-shame neil-wax-misery

About the artist...

Neil Wax was born in November of 1974 in Pennsylvania, in a suburb outside of Philadelphia. Mr. Wax received his BA in English from Franklin Pierce University in southern New Hampshire. As a Kennedy Center American Theatre Award finalist for playwriting, Neil returned to Philadelphia to work in regional theatre and shortly after co-founded a non-profit theatre company which focused on text-based works from new writers.

In 1999, Neil began to work on a part-time basis in the sign industry, initially as a designer and fabricator. In the course of time, he became familiar with all aspects of the business and eventually worked as a consultant to start-up sign companies throughout the United States and Europe. 2003 brought him to Los Angeles where he continued his career in the sign world; now as an independent contractor, specializing in galleries and museums as a provider of exhibition graphics and signage.

Surrounded by works of art, Neil began to feel pangs of the creative urge which he had not known since his time in theatre. He turned his understanding of signage manufacturing materials and equipment toward the creation of art objects. Initially making such works for his edification alone, Neil was finally encouraged by a gallery owner to exhibit his pieces in 2005. He met with quick success by producing an appealing satire of the banal consumer good which stirs a playful "shock (or mock) of recognition" within the viewer.

Considering his own material as "post-post-post pop", through juxtapositional use of color, shape, and text, Mr. Wax is able to articulate his fascination with our consumer culture. The corporate co-optation of human emotions, the ubiquity and sentimentality of plastics, the seductive false promises in the language of PR, and the biased value judgments placed on feeling "good" versus "bad" are all themes discussed in his work.

His work has been featured in numerous galleries throughout Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, as well as in the basement of the Getty Center.

Works are available for purchase here and here.

Bio found here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Feud

richard dawson, family feud

I can't get into specifics here, but big trouble has bubbled up (hell, it has boiled over) with the boyfriend and a couple of his family members.  

I THINK I have all of the facts, but I can't be certain.  But from what I know, two turds in his family have wreaked havoc on my boyfriend and his kids, and the whole focacta situation makes my blood boil.  

I have blabbed and yelled and cursed my thoughts to the boyfriend.  And I have decided to bail on some holiday plans that involve his mother Turd A and one of his sisters Turd B.  I just don't want to be around them.  I considered confronting them, but they are not MY family members, and I know it would make things worse.  I am going to leave it to my boyfriend to work things out with those *&^$%@!&!# $%*@#$%!^&*!, if/when he is ready.  I'll be on the sidelines giving him my perspective and my support, but I don't think it would be wise to tear new ones for those two twits, even though I think they certainly deserve it.

I think I am pretty much an avoider most of the time -- I just don't want to deal with conflict if I can help it.  But if/when it crops up and it is unavoidable, it gets ugly.  Real ugly.  I guess I am trying to avoid putting myself into a potentially explosive situation that really wouldn't be helpful for anyone, and that I'd end up having to apologize for some day.  Bleh.  No thanks.  Sometimes time and distance are helpful.  Or maybe that is just me being a wuss. 

How do you handle these types of situations? 


P.S. On a cheerier note, now I have a couple less Christmas gifts to buy.  ;)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spanx: Thanx but No Thanx




10cbd_eva-longoria spanx

1B5492787-tdy-130111-hoda-today show.spanx.blocks_desktop_large




Rihanna shoots music video on the lower east side in NYC

Do you wear the Spanx?

A while back Rue la la had a sale on Spanx, and I ordered some. I had never tried them before, but figured I could use a little help in the SMOOTHING OVER/JIGGLE REDUCTION factor, so I bought a lot. When I received them and tried on a pair, I HATED them. OUCH! So horribly tight, constricting and painful! I suppose that is the POINT of them, but I just couldn't handle it. My one and only experience with Spanx lasted about 30 seconds! Bleh! Never again!

I was talking with one of my boyfriend's sisters recently, and somehow the Spanx topic came up. She said she LOVES wearing Spanx. Absolutely LOVES them. She said she wears them under everything, including jeans. She said sometimes she even SLEEPS in them. ?!?!??!?!??! She also wore them while pregnant -- just for the first few months (?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?) and was so relieved to be wearing them every day again after giving birth.

Your thoughts on the Spanx?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment

Last year around the holidays my 8-year old nephew Zachary (pictured above) did something terrible. Something awful. Something so bad that his parents still decline to discuss the incident. Whatever he did, Zachary refused to apologize for it.

Zachary's parents thought long and hard and came up with a punishment for him, one that would really teach him a lesson. They told Zachary that he couldn't open his Christmas presents until January 25. !!!!!!!! On Christmas day, Zachary had to watch everyone shrieking with glee as they opened their gifts, all while he sat empty-handed and sulking. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! And on January 25 when Zachary was finally allowed to open his Christmas gifts, he was a little bit ho-hum. Apparently it was anticlimactic.

Rumor has it that Zachary is on his best behavior this holiday season. So I suppose a lesson has been learned.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ugly Ties

Are these ties so bad that they are good?  Or are they just awful?  All I know is that they made me laugh, and I am having trouble thinking of any dude that would look good wearing them. 

Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt Multi-check wool woven slim tie

Charles Tyrwhitt Large check multi handmade tie

Charles Tyrwhitt Gold multi triangle handmade tie

Charles Tyrwhitt Bright multi check handmade tie

Charles Tyrwhitt Country check multi handmade slim tie

Charles Tyrwhitt Blue tartan handmade slim tie

Charles Tyrwhitt Weybridge block multi check woven tie

Available for purchase here if you are interested. :)