Friday, January 31, 2014

My New Favorite Show

"True Detective"

Have you watched True Detective on HBO? If you have HBO, you should try it. I can't get enough of the show. It is a slow burn that leaves me wondering and worrying. I savor the show.  A little at a time.  Sometimes I have to pause it because I can hardly take it (exactly how I felt when watching Breaking Bad). Matthew McConaughey (I always want to say heyyyyyy, ho, heyyyyyy, ho at the end of his name) has the best part. He is intense. Disturbing.  And mesmerizing. I never really thought I'd say that, but it's true. (He is also really, really REALLY good in a movie called Mud, and I need to see him in Dallas Buyers Club).

Side note -- you need to watch every single episode of True Detective. !!!! IN ORDER !!!! Or else don't bother. I'm a stickler for these things! It's all or nothing! And it is a short series, so every little bit counts.  If you don't have HBO, don't fret -- I am sure it will be released on DVD sooner or later.  It better be!


P.S. In other important news (HA), so far I don't love this season of Girls (but last season was awesome).  Maybe it will get better?  Maybe.  I also hate this season of American Horror Story: Coven (but last season was INCREDIBLE, so I slogged through the entire season of Coven -- what a mess). And Season 4 of Downton Abbey has been rather disappointing lately.  I watch Intelligence because my boyfriend Sawyer / Josh Holloway is in it, and he sometimes takes his shirt off.  NOM NOM.  Do YOU have any tv recommendations for me?  I love TV.  Way too much! 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i've heard so many great things about that show but i'm going to wait until the season is over so i can binge-watch it!

KaH said...

Obsessed with True Detective as well. Was raving about it last night! I am having such a hard time with Girls (as I do every season). I find them all so frustrating, but I still watch.

MarlaD said...

I haven't even heard of this show! It looks good, I'm going to check it out. Am I the only one who watched The Bridge? It was SO good, I can't wait for the new season. Girls is just a struggle for me.

Felicia said...

Nice new layout! So much to say about this post since TV is MY LIFE. I really, really wanted to LOOOOVVEE True Detective and I like it just fine but it's mainly only because I love both Woody & Matthew. I'm having a hard time understanding where the storyline is going, especially since it's such a short series. How are they going to wrap all these loose ends up?? And I have a hard time following all the dialogue. There is so much of it and they use a lot of police terms I don't understand. I agree Girls is off this season and absolutely NONE of the female leads are likable, even a little bit. I still think the writing is stellar though and the male characters are all great. I literally want to push Marnie off a bridge. Did you watch Looking??? I think it's my new favorite show. And I haven't watched AHS finale yet but up until about the last third of the episodes I thought it was SOOOO GOOD. It totally lost me when everyone kept dying and coming back with no real explanation the next week. That tends to happen a lot in Ryan Murphy shows though...he loses steam after the first portions of the seasons. I LOVE TV!! I could talk about this all day, HAHA!!

Jennifer Hyduk said...

LOVE this freaking show SO MUCH!! Addicted!! The ending last week with the creeper/gas mask guy???!!!!! The fuuuuuck??? LOVE!!! Girls is just background for folding laundry.

Heidi Post said...

I feel precisely the same about MM in this role, and Mud and my same desire to see DBC. Until recently, I've wanted nothing more than to punch him.

I am completely loving it, and of course it being filmed in my home state is a nice bonus for me. There was one random parking lot confab scene that was filmed just blocks down the street from where I work!

I too watch Intelligence for Sawyer, even if the show's pretty formulaic. But it's Sawyer! I keep waiting for him to call Riley "Freckles" but it looks like he's got a nickname for her now (from last episode, but I can't remember what it was...)

Coven's not the best season, but again with the Hollywood South location. I really love seeing my city on TV!

As for other good shows, I just finished Season 3 of Sherlock (awesome), and thoroughly enjoyed Lilyhammer on Netflix, in spite of my reluctance to buy Little Steven as some sort of sexy stud. Also but-gustingly hysterical on Netflix: Peep Show. If you haven't seen it yet, by all means watch it. If only to meet one of the best supporting characters of all time - Super Hans!

E said...

OBSESSED! Dare I say I forgot Matthew McConaughey was actually Matthew McConaughey? Favorite interaction to date: "Do you think a man can love two women?" "I don't think a man can least not in the sense that he truly means."


Alisa said...

YES!! Such good acting in True Detective!

I thought Josh was MY boyfriend! I haven't seen his new show. Need to!

Anne said...

I've had this show bookmarked for awhile and every time I check it's either not started yet or now it's not finished yet. I can only watch a series when the season's done. Can't be waitin' week to week.

Mud was good enough but Killer Joe was better. He was good and creepy. I'm always surprised by how good he is.

Josh Holloway, I saw him at a Malibu festival and he looked good in person.

Anne said...

I forgot to mention the show Enlightenment. This is not the usual type of show I watch but it was good and funny. I think you would really like it somehow.

Trissta said...

Yesh, I'm really behind on all my tv. But I will definitely look into this one! I have quite a few that I'll watch on hulu, but mostly the mainstream ones. I love the show Elementary on CBS, but mostly for the set and Lucy Liu's wardrobe. It's amazing. But I am kind of a tv whore. I don't watch anything scary, though, so I have to pass on the AHS stuff.

Also, I think that MM is going to blow us all away. He's gotten out of his little heartthrob phase and he's into the big boy leagues. He's enjoying it and really pursuing the good stuff.

Much Love,

Maegan Tintari said...

Pep LOVES THIS SHOW... It's a little boring for me. I mean, the two actors make it good, but I think if it were cast differently it would be even more boring. He seriously loves it though and is mad that I won't watch it with him anymore lol.

In other news: I LOVE THIS SEASON OF COVEN! I loved the first, hated the second, but I love this one... we are about 3-4 episodes behind though.

I can't get through season one of Downton Abbey without falling asleep. I really wish I could dammit.

The only show I'm totally dedicated to right now is Under the Gunn - pseudo-project runway ... it's good! Tim gets so mad, lol!!!

Kristine said...

All I seem to do is watch tv in my bathrobe with a tray of food in front of me. Effing winter. Just watched the first episode of True Detective and was intrigued and MM is amazing! Everyone is infuriating on Girls but I think the writing is amazing and then I feel like a giant underachieving loser when I realize Lena Durham is twenty something and does it all?! (while I'm still just sitting on the coach eating...)Loved the first two seasons of AHS but thought this last season sucked although Jessica Lange is incredible. Just finished watching Enlightened and I loved it. I thought it was thoughtful and tender and a little heartbreaking. Oh tv, such a delightful distraction and companion to my carb snacks!

SweetBonita said...

i LOVE true detective, but i'm way behind right now. gonna catch up this weekend. i'm sad to say that i actually like girls even though this season is ver meh. and i agree 100% about AHS sucking this season. the 1st and especially the 2nd season gave me actual chills and i couldn't stop watching. this season was like AHS's younger teenage angsty WB network cousin. all girl power, but not real fight or bite or anything.