Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Martin Soto Climent

Martin Soto Climent

Martin Soto Climent, Desire, 2009


Martin Soto Climent, Paseo Detenido (Arrested Walk), 2008

Martin Soto Climent, Tropical Composition, 2008

Martin Soto Climent TIght Game_3

Martin Soto liment, Tight on Canvas (Moira), 2010

Martin Soto Climent, Ballet Shoes, 2010

Martin Soto Climent MASC131-7-1024x682

Martin Soto Climent 19-wild-guest

Martin Soto Climent, Tropical Antenna, 2008

Martin Soto Climent, Tight Shoes, 2004

Martin Soto Climent, Tight on Canvas (Bridget), 2010

Martin Soto Climent, Tight Game, 2009

Martin Soto Climent, Secret, 2009

Martin Soto Climent MASC200

Martin Soto Climent,

Martin Soto Climent, Blow Down, 2007

Martin Soto Climent

In his work, conceptual sculptor Martin Soto Climent reshapes everyday items through minimal gestures of recontextualization and balance. The artist gives new life to the detritus of human life by bringing household items and vintage clothing into the gallery in simple-yet-fragile arrangements, such as propped up and splintered car windshields. His clothing pieces, as in rolled-up bras made to resemble eggs or room-filling installations of pantyhose spider webs, are imbued with the erotic tension of such intimate objects. Climent's works call to mind the cheeky readymades of Marcel Duchamp and the Dadaists, AndrĂ© Breton and the Surrealists—not only by virtue of the often-vintage objects he works with.

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To read an interesting interview with the artist, click here.


Lorena said...

OK, i am still trying to understand. Obviously i know nothing about art.

KaH said...

kind of freaky, but I kind of love it.

Trissta said...

Balls in pantyhose. Bam! ART. ;) I did like the manipulations of shoes, though.

Much Love,