Thursday, March 20, 2014

No. 2


The boyfriend has three kids.  The oldest son (Julian) plays baseball year 'round, so that means the family is subjected to baseball practice and baseball games every week. The boyfriend has to drag all three kids to these affairs, and I am sure it gets tiresome for the two that don't play baseball.

At a recent baseball game, the youngest son (Kiya) was SILENT.  For the entire game.  Except when number 2, a kid with the last name Ruiz, got up to bat.  Each time Ruiz was at bat, Kiya came alive, yelling with great enthusiasm, "LET'S GO NUMBER 2!!!!!"

Of course I find this absolutely hilarious, because apparently I have the same level of humor as a 9-year old boy.  


Kristine said...

I would have been snickering too. What a great kid! Sometimes I advance to the humour level of a fourteen year old boy but I am probably hovering at the nine year old mark most of the time.

Lorena said...

Well, at least he makes the best of it!