Friday, April 25, 2014

How Is This an Improvement?

One of the best-known corporate representatives of all time is getting a new look. Ronald McDonald, the McDonald's clown who came about 51 years ago, is being outfitted with two updated costumes as part of a push that appears set to return him to a more prominent role in the restaurant chain's branding.

The yellow jumpsuit Ronald's worn for so long will be replaced with cargo pants and a vest, along with a red-and-white striped rugby-type shirt. That's going to be the standard uniform. For "special occasions," he'll sport a red jacket, bow tie and yellow pants, the company says. At the same time, he'll also get involved with the corporate office's social media efforts. 


Ronald McDonald Before

Ronald McDonald After


That being said, given the opportunity to give this guy a makeover, I am not sure what I would do short of lighting him on fire. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's in the Bag?

what's in the bag

My co-worker told me this story, and I loved it so much that I am sharing it with you.

Sara gets a dog-sitting job with a new client. She doesn't have a car, so she rides the subway to the client's house. She plans on staying at the client's house for a week and taking care of their dog while they are out of town.

Sadly the dog dies on DAY ONE. Sara can't even believe it. She isn't quite sure what to do, but she calls the owners and tells them she has bad news -- their dog passed away. The owners say they appreciate they call, and they are saddened, but the dog was old and had a good life, and they don't want to cut their trip short.

Sara asks them if there is anything she can do. The owners thinks about it for a minute, and tell her there is something she can do.  They ask her to take the dog to their vet so that he can dispose of it.  She tells them she would be happy to do it.  

Sara hangs up the phone and thinks about the situation.  Having no car, she isn't quite sure what to do.  She ends up finding a duffel bag.  She puts the dead dog in the duffel bag, zips it up, and makes her way down to the subway.  

She finds a seat on the subway, places the duffel bag at her feet, and settles in for the ride. 

A young man sits in the empty seat next to her, and starts chatting her up.  He is very flirty and very attentive.  Sara is flattered, and she chats with the guy and they seem to hit it off.

Eventually the young man looks at the duffel bag and asks her, "What's in the bag?"

Rather than tell the truth, she responds, "Electronic equipment."

They keep chatting and then Sara lets the guy know that her stop is coming up.  The subway starts slowing down, and it comes to a halt. She stands up and stretches, and reaches for the duffel bag.  Before she knows it, the guy grabs her duffel bag and RUNS out the door.  

Sara doesn't bother chasing him.  


Friday, April 18, 2014

Fabergé‘s Big Egg Hunt / Artist Designed Eggs

Have you heard about Fabergé‘s Big Egg Hunt? It features more than 270 eggs designed by artists including Tracey Emin, Julian Schnabel, Zaha Hadid, and Marc Quinn, and designers like Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, and Martha Stewart. It is a public art installation doubling as an egg hunt, with smartphone owners vying to capture as many eggs as possibly using a smartphone app (photos of the eggs have been tagged with #TheBigEggHuntNY).

The contest is inspired in part by the jeweler’s famous imperial eggs, created for the Russian royal family between 1885 and 1917. New York’s most famous landmarks provide a dramatic setting for the eggs, which can be found at the The Brooklyn Public LibraryMoMA P.S.1 in Queens, Grand Central Station in Manhattan, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, and Staten Island’s Snug Harbor.

Fabergé is offering three diamond-and-gem-encrusted egg pendant necklaces as prizes.

The eggs are currently up for auction online, with bids starting at $500. Sotheby's will be auctioning off eggs by the 30 most famous artists and designers on April 22. The proceeds will benefit two charities: Elephant Family, which promotes conservation efforts for Asian elephants; and Studio in a School, a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing arts programs to New York City schools.

Following The Big Egg Hunt (which ended April 17), all the eggs will be gathered and displayed at Rockefeller Center.

Here are images of some of my favorite eggs included in the auction.  To see all eggs included in the auction, click here.


Beth Katleman for Todd Merrill, Untitled, 2014 Martha West, Equal Love, 2014

Alexis Myre, re-solving problem, 2014

Chris Carnabuci with Ca:Che Studio, Fertility, 2014 Marsha Meredith, Skyline, 2014

Dot Zacharias, Pandamonium, 2014 Zac Thomas, Untitled, 2014

Daniel Dens, Devil Duck, 2014 Ryan Russo for Judith Charles Gallery, Eggcessories, 2014

Sandra Nunnerley, Untitled, 2014 Soonae Tark, Fantasia, 2014

Pat Steir, Untitled, 2014 Tanya Minhas, When Ginger Blossoms, 2014

Sarah Flint, Origami Egg, 2014 Minka Sicklinger, the.royal.flush, 2014

Jill Ricci for Parlor Gallery, Memory, 2014 Peter Max:Global Works, Untitled, 2014

Ran Hwang for Leila Heller Gallery, Healing Blossoms, 2014 Richard Dupont, Untitled, 2014

Jennifer Bartlett, Untitled, 2014 Marc Quinn, Untitled, 2014

Cadogan Tate, Untitled, 2014 Irene Mamiye, Untitled, 2014

Martin Saar, Inspirations, 2014 Isabelle Arpagian, Empress II, 2014

Matthew Weinstein, Koi Egg, 2014 Emery and Whitworth, Twilight's Last Gleaming, 2014

Ambika Conroy, Happy Bunny, 2014

Krink, Untitled, 2014 Minyan Huang, Nest Egg, 2014

Jan Huling for Duane Reed Gallery, Untitled, 2014 Emma Clegg, B, 2014

Jeff Koons, Untitled, 2014

3D Eye, Liberty, 2014 Echo Design, Taking Flight by Echo Design, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lost in Translation

It is funny how the meaning of words changes over time. "Ho" used to be something one would associate with Santa Claus. Not so much anymore.

Gallery Ho
What an unfortunate name for a gallery.  
Incidentally, I think I have a new nickname for chicks (such as myself) that work at art galleries. 

I was recently talking to the boyfriend when he said, "Well that depends." Which of course made me think of these:


The other day I was exclaiming to the boyfriend how much I love meatloaf.  To which he responded: "the man or the meat?"


Full disclosure: I meant the meat*, which I am pretty sure horrified him as much as the man.

*For fellow meatloaf lovers, here is the basic recipe I follow: 1 lb of ground turkey, 1 or 2 eggs, breadcrumbs (or a slice of toasted bread torn/crumbled up), italian seasoning, garlic salt, a chopped onion.  Mix it all together and shape it into a loaf.  Put it in a pan.  Drape a few slices of bacon on top of the meatloaf.  Bake at 375 degrees for 50 minutes or so.  That's it!  Nom nom!  I am a fan of meatloaf sandwiches!  Yes, I am klassy like that! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bad Hair Day

This story made me cackle.

bad hair day

London (AFP) - British police said Tuesday they had intervened after North Korean embassy officials reportedly told a London hairdresser to take down a discount haircuts advert featuring leader Kim Jong-Un.

Mo Nabbach said two officials identifying themselves as being from the Stalinist state's mission took pictures of his M&M Hair Academy in Ealing, west London.

They then demanded to know his name and ordered him to remove the "disrespectful" poster from the salon window, he told the Evening Standard newspaper.

The poster featured a large picture of Kim's distinctive short-back-and-sides hairdo with the slogan: "Bad hair day? 15 percent off all gent cuts through the month of April."

"I told them this is England and not North Korea and told them to get their lawyers," the newspaper quoted Nabbach as saying.

"The two guys were wearing suits and they were very serious. It was very threatening."

Nabbach, who is also a fashion photographer, said he had since removed the offending picture.

His son Karim said they had put up the poster in response to a recent unconfirmed story that North Korean men are now only allowed to wear the same haircut as their young leader, who took power after the death of his father Kim Jong-il in December 2011.

"We didn't realise but the North Korean embassy is a 10-minute walk from the salon. The next day we had North Korean officials pop into the salon asking to speak to the manager," he said.

"He (Mo Nabbach) went to Ealing police station afterwards to file a report just in case anything happened to the salon overnight. Apparently they (the apparent North Korean officials) went to the police as well."

"We haven't had any trouble since then, if anything the poster has become a tourist attraction. It was just something that had been in the news, and the North Korean officials didn't even have the haircut.

"We always put up little offers in the window, it's harmless. We were just making light of a bad situation in North Korea."

Police confirmed that they had stepped in to resolve the issue.

"Officers spoke to both parties involved and no offence was disclosed," a Metropolitan Police spokesman told AFP.

There was no immediate response from the North Korean embassy, located in a suburban London house less than two miles (three kilometres) from the salon.

The Kim family has ruled the country for more than six decades with an iron fist and a pervasive personality cult.

Kim Jong-Un's haircut is strikingly similar to that of his grandfather Kim Il-Sung, reinforcing efforts by the young leader to project himself more in the image of the state's founder leader than of his father.

If you are interested in learning more about the SHEER LUNACY of this North Korean "leader," I'd recommend you watch this  PBS Frontline "Secret State of North Korea" episode.  It is fascinating, horrifying, and yet it still gave me hope that this regime/leader is doomed, and will hopefully be overthrown sooner rather than later.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chubby Thighs

chubby baby thighs



holdups for chubby thighs

Tabitha Ramsbotham

Elephant Legs



Fernando Botero, tour-of-the-volcano


Off season bodybuilder

chubby thighs

fernando botero woman on horse


fernando botero chubby thighs



Chubby thighs



fernando botero ecce-homo


big thighs


Sleepy hippo

My co-worker and I were discussing how we love wearing summery dresses when it is hot out.  I mentioned that the only downside to wearing dresses during the sweaty months is the inner thigh chafing issue.  I thought only women of the chubsy variety (such as myself!) had to deal with this issue, but my thin/appropriately-proportioned co-worker admitted that this is something she has to deal with too.  FURTHERMORE, she told me that every chick she could think of has the same problem.  And I thought it was just me! 

I was blabbing about all of this to the boyfriend, when he mentioned that his mom (she is of the LARGE variety) doesn't wear dresses and skirts much, but she has to deal with another issue -- one where she puts baby powder in between creases and rolls in order to cut down on moisture and odor issues.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have never heard of such a thing!!!!!!!!!!  But I guess we all have issues to contend with, one way or another.  I guess!!!!!