Friday, April 11, 2014

Chubby Thighs

chubby baby thighs



holdups for chubby thighs

Tabitha Ramsbotham

Elephant Legs



Fernando Botero, tour-of-the-volcano


Off season bodybuilder

chubby thighs

fernando botero woman on horse


fernando botero chubby thighs



Chubby thighs



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big thighs


Sleepy hippo

My co-worker and I were discussing how we love wearing summery dresses when it is hot out.  I mentioned that the only downside to wearing dresses during the sweaty months is the inner thigh chafing issue.  I thought only women of the chubsy variety (such as myself!) had to deal with this issue, but my thin/appropriately-proportioned co-worker admitted that this is something she has to deal with too.  FURTHERMORE, she told me that every chick she could think of has the same problem.  And I thought it was just me! 

I was blabbing about all of this to the boyfriend, when he mentioned that his mom (she is of the LARGE variety) doesn't wear dresses and skirts much, but she has to deal with another issue -- one where she puts baby powder in between creases and rolls in order to cut down on moisture and odor issues.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have never heard of such a thing!!!!!!!!!!  But I guess we all have issues to contend with, one way or another.  I guess!!!!!


fabulousjunk said...

I know in the summer time my thighs (which seem to resemble jello these days)sweat an absurd amount. I was dating this guy and he suggested we ride in his corvette (That old corvette ride trick!) so we drove around for a bit, when I got out I looked down at the leather seats and there was this huge wet spot, like a puddle of sweat from my thighs. He was pretty anal about shit anyways so you can imagine his horror when he saw the sweat on the seats. SUMMER TIMMMMMMEEE!!


Anonymous said...

This post is the story of my life. There was nothing worse than being pregnant and leaving a trail of thigh sweat in every chair I sat on behind me. It was so embarrassing. I do use cornstarch and baby powder as soon as I start wearing skirts with bare legs. I despise the painful friction rash on my skin I get from walking around. Sucks big time.

Lorena said...

Yep, it happens.
I have better days than others, usually when I am up some pounds like now it gets worst.
I can imagine you googling "chubby thighs.."

hainesmorgan said...

It's called Chub Rub and it fucking sucks. However, find a deodorant that works and slap a little bit of it on the chub and you'll be sliding smooth all day!

You're welcome!