Friday, April 25, 2014

How Is This an Improvement?

One of the best-known corporate representatives of all time is getting a new look. Ronald McDonald, the McDonald's clown who came about 51 years ago, is being outfitted with two updated costumes as part of a push that appears set to return him to a more prominent role in the restaurant chain's branding.

The yellow jumpsuit Ronald's worn for so long will be replaced with cargo pants and a vest, along with a red-and-white striped rugby-type shirt. That's going to be the standard uniform. For "special occasions," he'll sport a red jacket, bow tie and yellow pants, the company says. At the same time, he'll also get involved with the corporate office's social media efforts. 


Ronald McDonald Before

Ronald McDonald After


That being said, given the opportunity to give this guy a makeover, I am not sure what I would do short of lighting him on fire. 


Marla said...

Imagine, a team of professionals got paid a bundle and probably took a good amount of time to come up with this makeover. He was scary and creepy before, he's scary and creepy after. I guess he's an icon but time to let him go. No bueno.

cerebral e said...

I used to work at McDonald's and the store had a bench out the front with a life-size fibreglass Ronald McDonald sitting on it, with his arm on the back of the seat so that if you sat on it, it looked like he had his arm around your shoulders. Someone ripped off Ronald's face and he was even more horrifying with a gaping hole where his face should be. It took months for them to fix it. Creepy.

PS What's with the other McD's mascots? Grimace is there to make the morbidly obese feel normal (although the Grimace costume wouldn't fit through the door of our store), then there's a criminal and a token chick who wears pink clothes.

Lorena said...

I think McD was ripped off- what a horrible makeover. He looks like a homeless clown.
I would have removed some make up and would have made his hair color more real.
Would have also made his clothes more all seasons appropriate. Think of the clown in a country where it's summer all year round... like mine.

Alisa said...

Creepy! His hair looks like a really bad 70s do. They should just get rid of him!

KaH said...

Oh gosh. He got a relaxer which makes him even creepier! Ugh.

Rita Templeton said...

I agree - not much of a makeover! Ick!

I have a friend who is actually a professional clown ... he went to clown college and it's what he does for a living. Legit. Anyway, sometimes he plays Ronald McDonald at events. I'll have to ask him what he thinks of "his" new duds.

Kristine said...

Ronald is a highly unattractive clown. He needs a make-under if he won't just disappear entirely.His crew is disturbing too. Really really tasty fries though. It has been years since I've eaten meat but if I ever go back I would have a Big Mac. Damn that clown!

Trissta said...

Give him some Moschino. That'll make everything better.

Much Love,