Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's in the Bag?

what's in the bag

My co-worker told me this story, and I loved it so much that I am sharing it with you.

Sara gets a dog-sitting job with a new client. She doesn't have a car, so she rides the subway to the client's house. She plans on staying at the client's house for a week and taking care of their dog while they are out of town.

Sadly the dog dies on DAY ONE. Sara can't even believe it. She isn't quite sure what to do, but she calls the owners and tells them she has bad news -- their dog passed away. The owners say they appreciate they call, and they are saddened, but the dog was old and had a good life, and they don't want to cut their trip short.

Sara asks them if there is anything she can do. The owners thinks about it for a minute, and tell her there is something she can do.  They ask her to take the dog to their vet so that he can dispose of it.  She tells them she would be happy to do it.  

Sara hangs up the phone and thinks about the situation.  Having no car, she isn't quite sure what to do.  She ends up finding a duffel bag.  She puts the dead dog in the duffel bag, zips it up, and makes her way down to the subway.  

She finds a seat on the subway, places the duffel bag at her feet, and settles in for the ride. 

A young man sits in the empty seat next to her, and starts chatting her up.  He is very flirty and very attentive.  Sara is flattered, and she chats with the guy and they seem to hit it off.

Eventually the young man looks at the duffel bag and asks her, "What's in the bag?"

Rather than tell the truth, she responds, "Electronic equipment."

They keep chatting and then Sara lets the guy know that her stop is coming up.  The subway starts slowing down, and it comes to a halt. She stands up and stretches, and reaches for the duffel bag.  Before she knows it, the guy grabs her duffel bag and RUNS out the door.  

Sara doesn't bother chasing him.  



Lorena said...

OMG - how awfully funny!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Unbelievable! The look on his face once he unzipped that bag was probably priceless!

Meghan said...

oh my god!

nicole said...

no effing way!!!!!

diane said...

I am sad and laughing at the same time. Serves him right, the jerk. I feel really bad for the owners though.

KaH said...

I wish this was my story.

Kristine said...

What a good dose of Karma for the jerk! That is my worst nightmare if I am ever with someone else's pet.

Trissta said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD! That's hilarious!

Much Love,