Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hamster Talk

Costumes for hamsters.  OMFG.  What will they think up next. 









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Next up?  How about a video of a hamster eating a TINY BURRITO.  !!!!!!  I saw a clip of this the other night on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver(Side note: John Oliver is hilarious, but his dimples are awfully distracting.  I have a hard time concentrating on anything a person with dimples says.  Yes, I am easily distracted in life.)

The boyfriend told me a rather horrible, yet hilarious hamster story.  If you have a soft spot for hamsters, you might want to skip reading the next several paragraphs.

A family had a hamster named One-Eyed Jack.  One-Eyed Jack had issues -- he was old and he only had one working eye.  He was sluggish.  He wasn't eating much.  As time went on, he was barely moving.

The owner thought about the situation, and kind of wanted to hurry it along.  She decided that she would just put One-Eyed Jack outside in the far end of the yard and let him live his last days cage-free in nature.  So, she set him free in the backyard.

Unfortunately the family cat discovered One-Eyed Jack in the backyard.  The cat brought him back inside the house late that night.

The owner repeated the process of setting One-Eyed Jack free in the backyard again, only to find the cat hockey pucking around with him on her bed.

Flummoxed by the situation, the owner turned to the internet.  She read on-line that veterinarians put little critters out of their misery by freezing them.  Typically it only takes 24 hours for them to die in the freezer.

So, the owner put One-Eyed Jack in a Tupperware container and placed him in the freezer. 24 hours later, she went to check on him.  She opened up the Tupperware, and up popped One-Eyed Jack looking expectant and hungry.  

The owner couldn't believe the situation.  She put One-Eyed Jack back in his cage, and decided to let time take care of the situation.  He died a week later in his own bed. 


Trissta said...

WTF. Seriously, people need to do some more productive things when they get bored. LMAO on the freezer front, though. That's terrible!

Much Love,

Kristine said...

Oh that poor hamster! What a survivor! Glad he got to go in peace in his own surroundings. Love the video. Will be watching that a lot!