Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Will You Sign My Yearbook?

The boyfriend's daughter Emmi recently graduated from middle school (junior high? -- whatever it is called nowadays). I was looking at her yearbook [trying to see which kids looked like they might end up in prison] and cracking up at what her friends wrote:






After reading over Emmi's yearbook, I pulled out a couple of my junior high yearbooks and read the dedications. They made me laugh, and I bet yours would make you laugh if you looked at them again. Here are some of mine:






I hardly remember ANY of the people that signed my yearbooks. I haven't kept in touch with ANY of them. Sad? Meh. Maybe not. Time marches on and some friendships fade.

By the way, I think STUPID FUCKING FACEBOOK (sorry -- I am still ranting against social media lately, and I hate FECESBOOK with a passion) is the modern day version of yearbook signing for adults -- lots of tripe and crap and blather, with a few gems sprinkled throughout (if you're lucky).

P.S. I was looking at my little sister's high school senior yearbook, and BOY did she and her best friend leave nasty comments all over MANY pictures. Cruel and mean AND HILARIOUS. My favorite part -- they referred to cheerleaders as FLUFFS. A HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!


Meghan said...

These notes are pretty funny! It makes me want to get out my old yearbooks but they are all somewhere at my parents' house.

KaH said...

Such weird timing because I was just going through mine and was laughing at what people wrote. Maybe cause it is my 20 yr reunion soon. I may need to steal this post idea! Btw, I love how everyone tells her she is so pretty. It is pretty hilarious! You are so pretty!!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Haha! I CRINGE when I think about what I wrote in other people's yearbooks. I really needed to calm down with the !!!!

Lorena said...

You "Disturbed person" haha how funny.
My yearbook always had one page "saved" for a friend of mine - he was not very communicative feelings wise but would always give me a piece of his mind and heart on that page. It was what I looked forward to the most at the end of the year.
Of course I also had the traditional "Hey Lorena, keep burning tires, see you next year " comments too.
I keep in touch with less than a handful of people from high school - and have never gone to a reunion.
I am kinda feeling sad now.
Its incredible how some people meant the world to you years ago and today they are not even in the picture.

fabulousjunk said...

Omg, I love looking back in my old yearbooks and reading what everyone wrote. It's an instant mood lifter for me. The next thing you know I am laughing, smiling and reminiscing of old times. Thank god Facebook was not around while I was in high school... I was just having that conversation the other day funny enough.