Wednesday, July 30, 2014


drollgirl republic

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, I am that old.  ACK!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous Drollgirl. Today is going to be amazing. <3 babeeblues ;)

girlunwinding said...

I have 4 years on you as of last Wednesday--
Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo-ness, now go forth and bring on the fierceness that is YOU !!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Happy Birthday to one of my dearest, most wonderful friends on here. I seriously love you so much and I feel so special that you're my friend.

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday!!

Shelley said...

happy birthday! 44 and fabulous! I'm going to be 30 on the 14th and I'm 7 months pregnant... so no big shindig for me this year :p

Trissta said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know I'm a day behind, but my goodness! I am so far out of the blogosphere lately, it's not even funny! I apparently need to get me butt in gear.

Much Love,

Lorena said...

Happy B!
Its not the years, its how you've lived them - and I think that you are a true character, you're the type of person I'd hang out with :)
Hope the bf prepared something fun. hugs.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday girl!.