Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Courtesy of Kira

Sometimes my sister hands her camera over to my 7-year old niece, Kira. Maybe I am biased (ok, clearly I am biased), but I think Kira takes great pics!  Here are a few of her unedited shots. :)

June 2014 096

February 2014 246

February 2014 225

June 2014 080

February 2014 250

June 2014 094

June 2014 099

June 2014 088

June 2014 092

February 2014 228

February 2014 221

February 2014 245

June 2014 100

June 2014 093

February 2014 226

June 2014 095

February 2014 256

February 2014 217

February 2014 237


Maegan Tintari said...


Meghan said...

totally awesome!

Lorena said...

quite funny, i can actually imagine everyone just saying "nooooo"

Tiffany Kadani said...

This cracks me up because it's absolutely lifelike and human and raw with pretty good composition. Definitely related to you.

Anne said...

Too funny. She has good perspectives.

Clearly she has a fascination with nostrils. My daughter does too, with flaring ones, as is obvious in her selfies and facetimes.

fabulousjunk said...

Love this. So much better than any of the pictures I ever take.


Trissta said...

I did this with my nephews one time at one of my birthday dinners one year. It was hilarious the things they found and were fascinated by! Mind you, we were at a chinese restaurant so there were lots of pictures of fish in tanks. :}

Much Love,

Xindy said...

They're all so good. She's got a good eye. I especially love the shot she got of the woman putting on mascara. I used to love watching my mom put make up on and I still love seeing others makeup routine.