Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr. Perv


Did you hear about this case?!

Hospital Settles Lawsuit By Thousands of Women Over Exam Photos 

The Johns Hopkins Health System will pay $190 million to former patients of a gynecologist who used a small camera to secretly film examinations, in one of the the largest sexual misconduct settlements involving a physician.

The Baltimore-based hospital is settling a class-action lawsuit that includes more than 7,000 women and at least 62 minors; more women will likely register with the suit.

From member station WYPR, Christopher Connelly reports:

"Dr. Nikita Levy saw more than 12,000 patients over the decades he spent working at Hopkins. But in February of 2013, Levy was fired after a fellow employee reported suspicions he was taping patient examinations. He committed suicide 10 days later. "Investigators ultimately recovered more than a thousand secret videos and hundreds of photographs of patients."

The Baltimore Sun has this quote from the plaintiffs' lead attorneys:

"When learning of Dr. Levy's behavior, our clients were extremely distraught. They felt a great breach of faith and trust. They felt betrayed. Now, with this proposed settlement, we can begin the process of healing our community."

The hospital's administrators issued a statement acknowledging the settlement and saying that the money for the settlement will come from insurance.

"It is our hope that this settlement—and findings by law enforcement that images were not shared—helps those affected achieve a measure of closure," the statement reads.

Ever had a pervy doctor?  I had one especially weird doctor experience.  I was a teenager (probably 12 or 13 years old) and I had some sort of issue -- I can't remember exactly what the problem was.  My mom called Kaiser to get a same day appointment.  The receptionist told her my appointment was with DR. CONCEPTION (talk about a warning sign!).

I have always hated going to see the doctor -- any kind of doctor makes me nervous beyond belief.  When the doctor came in to see me, I tried to be friendly to put myself at ease, and I said, "Hi Dr. Conception!"  He angrily corrected me and told me his name was Dr. Concepci√≥n.  HAHAHAHHA.  Well I thought that was hilarious and I was cracking up.  He wasn't.  

Anyway, he asked me to sit at the examining table.  He started in by checking my mouth, my eyes, my ears.  Then he asked me to lay back.  I didn't think that was strange, so I laid back.  Next thing I knew he said he needed to to check my abdomen area.  AND HE UNBUTTONED AND UNZIPPED MY PANTS.  ?!?!?!?  I was stunned.  WTH!  Nothing terrible happened -- he just unzipped my pants and felt around my belly area.  And that was it.  But it was WEIRD.  But it certainly doesn't compare to what Dr. Nikita Levy did to his patients!



Lorena said...

Without being a physician I'd say Dr Concepcion did a routine check - either that or all the Drs I've bee to are pervs.
Now I did have once a dentist that would place all the things he needed on a napkin thingy on my chest and every time he grabbed for something he'd touch my boob. I never went back.

E said...

This story creeped the hell out of me. And yeah, a doctor unzipping your pants is hella weird!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Lorena, that's pretty much standard in my experience too.

Jane Droll said...

Normally (at least in my experience) a doctor asks a patient to undress for an examination -- a doctor does not undress the patient himself, particularly if the patient is conscious.

diane said...

I had a doctor be a little "rough" examining me when I was much younger. I knew enough to report him to the insurance company, but not enough to take it any further than that.