Sunday, August 3, 2014

Go Dodgers! /

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I took a few days off of work last week to celebrate my birthday (more on some of this later -- I am still processing everything that happened, and trying to figure out what to write and what NOT to write).  The boyfriend and I tried to pack as much fun in our week as possible, and we landed AWESOME Dodger tickets via ( has an easy-to-use service -- just go to their website, find the sports/theatre/concert event you want to attend, figure out a date that works with your schedule, find seats that look appealing, and make a bid on what you are willing to pay).  It took all of 5 minutes to land a great deal on super loge seats (ok, I low-balled on my first bid -- a girl has to try -- my first offer wasn't accepted, but after I increased my bid by $5 my second bid was accepted).  WHEE!  And we randomly happened to attend a Dodger game the night they gave out free bobbleheads.  Yay!   

Do you like going to sports events?  Truth be told, sports are NOT my thing, but I like going to the occasional game -- mostly for the food and the people-watching.  It makes it even more fun to attend on a summer night when heat has cooled a bit, when you happen to have seats next to really nice people that share their peanuts (!), all the while the team you are rooting for is #1 and on a roll.  Nice!  

A big thank you to for the easy easy easy process, and for the amazing deal on tickets.  I can't wait to use the service again.  :)


Jen@ Road Trip Creative said...

Being a native Angeleno I will and always did LOVE going to the Dodger Games. Sometimes we had great front row seats and my Dad would yell at the players (totally mortifying) and sometimes we had so-so seats and my Dad would STILL yell at the players.

Believe me, Dodger Stadium is a rare and awesome gem of a place. The stadium here in Phoenix is like a fricking airport. Full of bullshit vendors and advertising everywhere AND it's enclosed!(gross) Happy Bday!! hope it was great!!!!

Lorena said...

I hate sports. I don't like doing them or watching them. Yeah, I know I am terrible. If i had the chance I would go to a baseball game, mostly looking forward to the food.