Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bowl Cut

Thoughts on the bowl cut / helmet head / mushroom cap? I'd say its one redeeming quality is that it makes me laugh.

ncKUtoeD_400x400 Lena Dunham bowl haircut Mo Howard Three Stooges bowl haircut 08101113_9425
Young-Joey-Lawrence-joey-lawrence-34578993-1168-1504 bowl haircut 1216720c
jim-carrey-dumb-and-dumber_0 bowl haircut Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson arrives at the Setai Hotel during the New Year's Eve celebration on December 31, 2007 in Miami Beach, Florida
Agyness Deyn Bowl-cut-Hair-2014-Style jackie-chan-signed-8x10-photo-awesome-young-pose_fd1840abee97d850987e2390f74d72bb bowl haircut
62775393 Javier Bardem bowl haircut no country for old men MV5BMTc4MDczMjkyNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzczODI3OA@@._V1_SX640_SY720_
TW-3 Agyness Deyn
Adam Rich Eight is Enough Bowl haircut Eight4 Alicia Keys bowl haircut 30b55a2e122211e382a622000aeb4361_71 bowl haircut 081514 christina ricci bowl haircut
TSDFAOF EC035 J. Alexander bowl haircut
Dee_Dee_Ramone bowl haircut Bowl-cut
Adam Rich Eight is Enough bowl haircut 25 javier bardem no country for old men bowl haircut
TheBeatles bowl haircut
rihanna_bowl_cut bowl haircut Mary J. Blige bowl haircut sizzling-bowl-cut-hairstyle-for-black-women-with-blonde-hair
Eric LaSalle bowl haircut04a633c0591fef66c673a16d9028a677_jheri-curl-300x300_gallery Dorothy Hamill Bowl Haircut e133b4cd4cda2bdbc79d69e5bec7dd58
karen_o_2613562 Justin-Bieber-Bowl-cut-hair-style-3 bowl haircut
Johnny_Ramone_Bowl haircut_16x9_620x350_0813115608061 joey-lawrence-gimme-a-break bowl haircut
Ginnifer Goodwin bowl haircut Kelly-Osbourne58


Tiffany Kadani said...

As someone who wore one for the first part of her life: NO!!!

KaH said...

I was the (not so) proud owner of the Dorothy Hamill. Parents!

This totally makes me die!

Jen@Road Trip Creative said...

Nope-Nope-Nope. Had one too in the 6th grade. Nobody should do it.

Alisa said...

I had a Dorothy Hamill hair cut in the 70s and was mistaken for a boy a few times. Not a good thing when you are 10 (or any age)

The bowl haircut doesn't look good on anyone, no matter who they are!