Monday, October 13, 2014

Ugly Pianos

Is it possible for inanimate objects to feel shame? Horror? Dispair?  If so, I feel sorry for these ugly pianos.

Wendell Castle, Caligari Piano, 1990-1
Sorry for featuring you front and center in this post, Wendell Castle. 
Usually you make beautiful works, but this thing is HIDEOUS. 
But thanks for inspiring this blog post!

22 piano-1

piano2 60

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unusual-piano-designs-02 Digital_Piano_Pink

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feelin' groovy Coco-nobg1-704x1024

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FUNKY11 YKTC Spring 2012 005.img_assist_custom-480x360

3_3 480x400_steinway-and-sons-lily-pulitzers-piano

PurplePassion_ creative-piano-design

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American Flag_ 625c8b1bbd5fcb9d03c6f92bb61261be pianodetail

1295983753_art-case-pleyel-grand_rich-model-7 BOOKER

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photos-pianos-in-the-parks-a-playful-public-art-project-in-seattle-encourages-you-to-tickle-the-ivories ff1aee9965eb61d9e0ca32ecad32f123

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1925748-L A440_Air_Force_One_custom_piano_case-506x337



E said...

Liberace is rolling over in his grave. (I do like the pig one, though.)

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

The pig is one is brilliant. The rest are from hell.

Lorena said...

I actually like the yellow one---- there might be something wrong with me.

Trissta said...

The first one is AMAZING! Also belongs in some sort of eighties movie with a fuzzy creature jumping out of it, but still, AMAZING! Having grown up playing the piano, I have a special affection for this post.

Much Love,