Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jonas Wood

Have you ever seen works by Jonas Wood? Below are some of my favorites. I love the cheery, graphic quality, the colors, the kooky perspective and the subject matter. It's like he simultaneously flattens, simplifies and emphasizes little sections of life.  His works remind me a bit of David Hockney's portraits and landscapes with a maybe a touch of Beavis and Butthead illustration style on the side. Enjoy!

Jonas Wood

Jonas Wood, Two Tables with Floral Pattern, 2013

Jonas Wood, Studio Hallway, 2010


Jonas Wood, Untitled (Rosy), 2006


Jonas Wood, Untitled (Raffi), 2006


Jonas Wood, Robin with Juba, 2012

Jonas Wood, Still Life with Cat Vessels, 2012

Jonas Wood, Untitled (double self portrait), 2007


Jonas Wood, Untitled (Parrot Patterns), 2012

Jonas Wood, Untitled (Self Portrait with Green Hat), 2009

Jonas Wood, Scholl Canyon, 2007

Jonas Wood, Kitchen with Aloe Plant, 2013

Jonas Wood, Jeremy in Silverlake, 2011

Jonas Wood, My Sears Family Portrait, 2011

Jonas Wood, Interior with Fireplace, 2012

Jonas Wood, Calais Drive Three, 2012

Jonas Wood, 2 Birds at Night, 2013

Jonas Wood, French Open Four, 2012

Jonas Wood, Grandfather Clock, 2007

Jonas Wood, Green Room, 2012

JONAS WOOD 2013-09-27-ak9861_WOO_LeslieAndMichael

Jonas Wood, Dinosaur Pots Still Life, 2014

Jonas Wood, Blue Hitman Heartns, 2012

jonas.wood.1.14.10 0620_cropped

jonas wood 6

Jonas Wood

About the artist...

With one foot rooted in Analytic Cubism and the other in Contemporary Pop art, Jonas Wood is an artist who bridges two seemingly disparate traditions to create paintings that present contemporary life from multiple perspectives. Born in Boston and now living and working in Los Angeles, Wood took a somewhat circuitous route to becoming a professional artist, even considering pursuing a PhD in psychology before deciding on an MFA in painting. His work still contains subtle psychological elements, tying together elements of the past and the present, either through empty but intimate interiors or through other paintings of contemporary American life. Wood's use of color in his embracement of quotidian domestic settings calls to mind David Hockney's dreamlike depictions of suburban subjects. Though not inherently mathematical in composition, the artist's paintings often contain numerous intersecting geometrical elements, as objects and patterns become flattened in his artistic process, which involves creating drawings of photographs of his subjects that eventually serve as the primary models for his paintings. In creating artworks from the items and environments around him, whether they are sports imagery, animals, or furniture, Wood extracts the beauty from the ordinary, proving that there's more to the everyday than meets the eye.


Lorena said...

I'd never heard or seen her art.
I am not an art connoisseur and have only three original paintings at home - all three from local artists.
However I like the work, the colours and specially all of those with green.

Lorena said...

I meant to say HIS art.

Tiffany Kadani said...

He is charming! Really really compelling and interesting and lovely.

E said...

The scenery pics kind of remind me of old school Looney Toons! I like it!