Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pink House, Pink Car

The other day I saw a pink Yaris on the road, and I pretty much wanted to kick it. I don't know why I had such a violent reaction, it's not like I am opposed to pink, per se. After all, I live in a pink house. But I don't drive a pink car! Not that there is anything wrong with it. Lol.

So here are a few pink houses for your pleasure (or disdain), along with pink cars that I think correspond with them. Enjoy. Or hurl. :)

Pink House in the Castro District

Pink Caddy

Bo-Kaap neighborhood-Cape Town, South Africa

Pink Car

1 of a kind

1958 Lincoln

Pink Palaces

Pink race

Pink houses 477

1956 Plymouth Belvedere 4-Door Sedan (2 of 7)

Only colours


Pink Houses  by Wells Road, Norfolk


Maison rose


This was Venice, the flattering and suspect beauty - this city, half fairy tale and half tourist trap~

Pink 2CV

The Pink House

Pink Caddillac

Large pink house

Pink Oldsmobile


I Roll Volvo

Pink house, outer Parkside (Sunset)


Vandalia, IL Victorian House

Austin Lancer

Rosie Lives in the Flickr House!

Magenta Classic

Running Gwinnett 02


A converted carriage house, Tradd Street, Charleston, SC

Pink car

Burano, Italy

Smart Car

Bo-Kaap, The Cape Malay Quarter, Cape Town


Life-size Dollhouse

Pink Car

marwari men in the Pushkar mela


Little Pink House

WANT! WANT! Who'll buy me one?

pink house, Denver

Pink Cocs

pink house

2004-02-18 miss piggy car

The little pink house

Classic pink and white striped automobile, Williams, Arizona, United States of America


Pink Cadillac in Cuba

Bokaap cottages

the pinkest car I have ever seen

pink house


There sure are some cute pink cars out there.  Maybe I could do it? Naw. They garner too much attention. But they sure are cute. :)