Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Men with Crossed Legs

For some reason I find that men with crossed legs look odd.  It might be sexist to say, but women with crossed legs look sexy.  But men?  Not so much.  They tend to look spiny, spindly -- there are just so many angles and triangles, like human origami.  It is kind of like they are unwittingly imitating the praying mantis.  But maybe I am the only one that has time for such thoughts feels this way.

Einstein crossed legs

Jared Leto crossed legs

Rick Ocasek crossed legs

Will Smith crossed Legs

Johnny Depp crossed legs

David Bowie crossed legs

George Clooney crossed legs

mad men crossed legs

Leonardo i Caprio crossed legs

Ted Danson crossed legs

Ryan Gosling crossed legs

Morgan Freeman crossed legs

Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale

Robert Pattinson crossed legs

Cary Grant crossed legs



Matthew McConaughy crossed legs

David Beckham crossed legs

Pierce Brosnan crossed legs

Justin Bieber and Matt Lauer crossed legs

Leonard DiCaprio crossed legs

John Hammer crossed legs

Al Pacino crossed legs

Russell Brand crossed legs

Robert Downey Junior crossed legs

Don Draper crossed legs

Spock Lenoard Nimoy crossed legs

Charlie Sheen crossed legs

Steve McQueen crossed legs

David Duchovny crosed legs

Harrison Ford crossed legs

Jay Z crossed legs


Gary Oldman crossed legs

James Arness crossed legs

Brad Pitt crossed legs

Beatles crossed legs

Chris Hemsworth crossed legs

I asked the boyfriend for his thoughts on men with crossed legs.  He didn't have much to say except that only thin men cross their legs.  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!  But I have more questions that he couldn't/wouldn't really answer, as he isn't of the leg-crossing variety.  Where does the junk go?  Is it sloshed to the side? Below? Between?! Beyond? Half and half? Other?  Does it hurt?  Is it uncomfortable?  Is re-situating necessary or do things naturally fall where they should? I am so confused and would like a diagram.


Lorena said...

hahahah you crack me up woman !
I needed a laugh - thanks :)
I dont mind the leg crossing as long as they're wearing trousers, when the skin shows it does get a little odd.

Shorty said...

Seeing men with their legs crossed always strikes me at first glance as odd, too. Maybe it's because I immediately wonder if that's painful. But, some men can pull it off better than others. Seeing the older photos (or the actors dressed as characters from decades past) look more comfortable with crossed legs for some reason to me. Maybe it's just the style of pant/slacks.

Ashton Wright said...

I think it depends on the guy and, maybe even more so, the way they hold their foot... BTW, that picture of Albert Einstein looks so weird to me, almost like someone photoshopped a woman's legs on him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah replying to your comment on my post, on CRAZY CHICKS ARE HOT...
WTF!! I met a guy in school, we have one class together and i saw him and something clicked. SO, I text him, he texts me back. So we text for a week, and its gettting really interesting. Then we see each other again for class and I build the gutts to corner him and just say "dude i feel really comfortable around you, this is very unlike me.. i´d like to take some of your time.." i come clean right there:"but I am married".
So he tells me that his wife left him for another woman and long story short we hugged. Just hug. BEST FUCKING HUG EVER. Like you are 15 again.

Anonymous said...

We continue to text, he starts leaving me voice mssgs via Whatsapp, like singing stuff from the Calling: wherever you will go, Mr Brightside, Aerosmith... like this guy is singing to me and I am so fucking confused. I am like totally going insane, loving it - but fucking terrified. I ask him to meet me after hours in my office, we hug, almost kiss, smell each other - I have no idea what the hell is going on: tells me i smell like cookies and brownies and cotton candy... We agree to see each other on friday for wine.

Anonymous said...

SO, then we're supposed to dine together on Friday. THE ASSHOLE NEVER CALLS or texts. So i text him like at 9pm: "either you forgot or stood me up, but just know you missed out on a really good LBD" so he texts me back that his father was in the hospital just diagnosed with diabetes and that he was waiting to be evaluated, see if his foot had to be cut off. SO I feel like an idiot and a total drama queen..
Next day he texts me that he slept in the hospital and I ask him if he wants to grab coffee. Replies that he is going home as he has not showered and had to sleep in the hospital couch. Then he later texts me that he has just finished his yoga class and then that he was going to work because a server was down. This is all before NOON on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

So we text for a few more days, I begin to wonder how this fucking hot guy is 40, single, no kids... lottery man! I ask him directly and he humbly says that he is a workaholic, has 4 cats and that university takes a lot of his time... you know it made sense to me.
Then I make efforts to have lunch with him or meet him afterhours and none of them happen because he is at work.
Finally Friday (class day) comes around and i figure i will see him. So he texts me to say that he spent all night tied to the toilet because he has a stomach flu and that he would not make it to class. Then adds that he is at the dentist because he had pork rinds and chopped a tooth- and was getting it fixed.
Next day he calls me before going to yoga class - and then afterwards to ask if I want to have lunch with him. Of course I say yes even if I looked like shit.

Anonymous said...

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Oh did I mention that my husband heard the SONGS on my whatsapp?? yeah, the shit hit the fan. He questiond me blhahahahah.
Anyways, we have a really weird 3 hour lunch and then when we said bye, it was more hugging and then just a really brief kiss.

Anonymous said...

Next day I text him, like "hey you" - no reply-
MONDAY MORNING as i drive to work I check my messages and I had a voice mail from him 7:19 am, which I had missed.
Its the weirdest message EVER. Like first I thought the phone had dialed.. then I can heaird some weird noises in the background and then like shooting. Afterwards, from a distance i can hear his voice and I can understand is "hey, your love cant be.." then some shit that i cannot hear and then "adios".
WTF crazy--- i am really troubled. Like I have not texted or called or nothing... i am just screwed.