Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Awkward Conversations

I live in a duplex and I am pretty good friends with my neighbor.  His name is Grant.

The other day I was sitting outside on my patio when Grant came over to chat. We were blabbing about how we both had ZERO interest in seeing this movie or this movie, when Grant (clearly he is my fellow contrarian) said that he had never even seen the movie JAWS. That made me laugh.

Grant also mentioned that there was a rat in his apartment. I made a frowny face when he said that. I am no fan of vermin, and I sure as shit don't want RATS in my apartment, which is adjacent to his. He told me that he liked the rat, that it is cute, and that he feels bad for it and doesn't want to kill it. HELLO!?!?!??!?! I asked, "Isn't that how Willard got started?!?!?!?!"  ACK!!!!

We laughed and then Grant paused and said, "Oh, by the way, my dad died on Thursday."

Aghast, I told him how very sorry I was for his loss. 

Grant replied, "Meh.  Don't be.  No love lost.  Frankly I have more feelings for the rat."  


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

OMG. Someday you'll be on the news saying that he was quiet, something of a loner. That you're surprised he snapped.

KaH said...

So funny. I am a little freaked about the rat...
I am also with you on the movies. Don't get it at all!
Hope you are well! Merry Christmas!