Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jessica Harrison

Yesterday I was introduced to the art of Jessica Harrison via duncanjane on Instagram. I laughed when I saw the image she posted, and loved it. So I figured I would share the love and laughs with you too. :)

About the artist...

Born in St Bees in 1982, Jessica moved to Scotland to study sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in 2000, going on to do an MFA before completing a practice-led PhD in sculpture in 2013, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Working with a wide variety of materials from ceramics and marble to paint and digital collage, her practice explores the mechanics of perception and a fallibility of observation through an examination of the interaction between the visual and the tactile.

Her interest lies in how we handle, interpret and navigate materials, objects and space and how this process can define the shape of the body. The things she makes propose a re-imagining of these definitions, offering an alternative shape to our perception of things, using the simplicity of materials to explore the complexity of the sensory body.


cerebral e said...

I love these!

Lorena said...

WOw - i like these ! they are a great conversation piece and quite unique.