Friday, December 9, 2016

America's Top Spelling Mistakes

I heard a report on NPR the other day about how Google crunched data from its search engine to put together this map that shows which spellings people search for the most frequently in each state. Several of the terms appear more than once, such as “desert,” “cancelled,” and “vacuum.”  

I find it surprising that some of these words are so difficult for others to spell.  Cousin? Niece? Attitude? GRAY? ?!?!??!?!?!

Then again I have to admit that DESERT vs. DESSERT has tripped me up more than once, but hopefully the visual below will cement that distinction in my head once and for all. 

Do you judge people harshly when they misspell words? Do you think proper spelling is a sign of intelligence? And that misspellings show a lack of intelligence, or a lack of education?  

I will admit that it drives me crazy when things are misspelled. Or when people are crappy writers. Texting, typing on tiny keyboards, and the joys of auto-correct are to blame for some of these issues. At least partially. But I do appreciate it when someone spells things correctly and when they write well.

Then again it is wildly entertaining to see misspellings. 

My sister recently received a letter at work in which the writer threatened to report them to the "Better Business Burro". AHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!!

One of my favorite misspellings was courtesy of an ex. We were emailing and I asked him how work was going. He replied that working with his new boss was "pure torcher". HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOVE THAT!!!!

One other doozy came for a resume and cover letter that I received long ago when I worked in Human Resources.  We were recruiting for a new head of PR.  This chick sent in her resume with a cover letter.  She seemed like the perfect candidate.  Absolutely perfect.  Until I noted that she listed she was an expert in "pubic relations".  LOL!


Marla said...

When I was in junior high, I guess we were studying colonial times and we all had to make posters on that theme. Someone made a poster for "Ye Olde Pubic Place" (OMG HAHA) and it hung on the wall for what seemed like forever. I was too embarrassed to say anything and to this day, I wonder how the teacher never noticed. Speaking of pubic, I've spent my career working for Public Works departments. "Pubic" happens more than you'd think, and I still chortle like a 12 year old boy.

Ashton Wright said...

Oh my, the stories I could tell you about misspellings. The biggest part of my job is making sure things are spelled correctly, so I've seen them all.

BUT I do have a way for you to remember dessert vs. desert.

Dessert has two S's because you always want seconds. ;)

cerebral e said...

A bigger question is why people are googling "leprechaun" often enough that it appears on this list.

Also as an Australian I would argue that "gray", "diarrhea" and "neighbor" are all spelt incorrectly.

Lorena said...

Hahahah, how interesting. I have to admit I look down at people who misspell and also poor penmanship. I try to be extra careful a English is my second language.
I once had a work email read whorehouse instead of warehouse, it got a few laughs.

Lorena said...

hahah, I just realised there are misspellings in my comment !!!!
..and also AT poor penmanship.
....extra careful AS Englush is...

Marcia B. said...

LOL burro, good one!