Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mojave, California

A while back my little sister told me that I might want to visit Mojave, California. She knows I get so bored and restless and that I love to get away and see new places.  So I finally took her advice and drove out there.  It's about 90 miles north of Los Angeles proper -- way, way, way out in the boonies where there are few people and traffic is pretty much non-existent. It is quiet, stark, scenic, and kind of bleak. But it was fun to wander around, feel tiny in a big landscape, and take these pics.

While in Mojave, I kept hoping (worrying?) that I'd run into a gang of tweakers that might let me take their photos if I gave them enough money to buy an 8-ball (yes, I know that term -- long ago I messed around with the second/ or third? tackiest drug of all, but those days are way behind me).  Anywhoo, no such luck.  I saw some down-and-out types at a gas station, but no obvious tweakers.  But maybe that's for the best?  Probably.

Many decades ago, my parents were heading out on their honeymoon.  They spent the first night in Oakland, California, and then headed south on their way to the Grand Canyon.  After about 7 hours of driving, my mom said they needed to find someplace to stay for the night.  They ended up stopping in Mojave, Ca.  Not exactly romantic!  HA!  My mom said it was roasting hot, the air conditioning didn't work, and my dad somehow got locked out of the motel room while wearing nothing but his underwear, and he had to crawl around banging on windows until my mom let him back in the room.  Or something like that?  Ridic.  

My parents currently live in my idea of a suburban nightmare neighborhood, on Mojave Way.  My mom says it is incredible how often people mispronounce the word "Mojave", calling it MOW-JAVE.  HELLO?!?!?!??!  Born in a barn??????  

Hmmm. What else can I say here?  Not much, really.  Nothing new or exciting that I'd care to share. The last year or so has had many ups and downs [yesterday was the anniversary of one of my worst experiences in life -- UGH -- I am so happy to have the year behind me so that I can hopefully get over it and just fucking MOVE ON already], but isn't that true for almost everyone in existence?  Every time I get into "woe is me" mode, I think about Syrian refugees and I shut my pie hole.  I feel like i am constantly RECALIBRATING lately.  Just re-adjusting to life, to circumstances, to expectations, etc.  If that makes sense?  But don't we all have to do that constantly?  Maybe I am just more conscious of it now.

A friend who is going through really tough times recently had some words of wisdom for me (courtesy of her recently passed father): stop rowing the boat and just see where it goes.  Of course I immediately pictured a boat moving precipitously towards a waterfall, LOL, but that's just me.  It is interesting advice, and I'll take it under consideration.  :)


Marla said...

This is a great post! Have you been to the Salton Sea and Bombay Beach? It's a treasure trove and I'm sure you will find tweakers! Check out the documentary Plagues & Pleasures of the Salton Sea...it's great!

DUTA said...

Great pictures from the Mojave. It looks rather scarcely populated.

Lorena said...

So good to "hear" from you J!
Your pictures are so good, its everyday things with a good eye and these have a vintage feel to them.
Did you make it to the end of the world sale ?
Sorry to hear things are not that bright- and lately I have been taking the words of wisdom offered by your friend to which I have added: ignorance is bliss. Hugs friend-

Anonymous said...

You have a great eye for photography. I love looking at the pictures you take. Thanks for sharing them with us!