Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Don't Come Knocking / Kick-Ass Cinematography

Long, long ago at an unpretentious budget college far, far away, I was an art major with a focus on painting and drawing.  I can't remember exactly how instructors taught composition -- I feel like people either "get" composition or they don't.  But looking at examples of GOOD composition (or bad composition) can be very informative.  

If you have any interest in seeing ABSOLUTELY KILLER, KICK-ASS CINEMATOGRAPHY AND COMPOSITION, check out the movie Don't Come Knocking.  Some of the shots are SO GOOD -- they just made me gasp.  Just perfect.   The colors, the lighting, the composition -- absolutely flawless.  Spot on.

I found these stills from the movie on-line.  They give you an idea of what the movie looks like -- but it all flows better when you watch the film.  I'd kill...wellllll, maybe just see this movie on the big screen.  Anywhoo, here are some examples....

I don't know if credit for all of this gloriousness goes to the director, Wim Wenders, or to the cinematographer, Franz Lustig.  I give credit to both.  Just a beautiful, beautiful film.  I have to be a jerk and say it isn't the best movie ever (the lead and two supporting actors are perfect, one or two actors totally overdid it, and one was a complete misfire for me), but it is one gorgeous film to look at. Enjoy!

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